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Why our web designers never write code

30 Apr 2018

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Web design and coding used to go hand-in-hand. In most people’s minds, code probably remains the web designer’s stock in trade, something akin to a builder’s bricks. But here at Zesty, we never let our web designers write code. They can code, but they don’t.

Our philosophy is to let the designers design and let the developers develop.

Extremely rare

In other words, what we are looking for when we hire designers is an eye for design; the ability to create beautiful, useful interfaces. Their technical knowledge is a much lower priority in the recruitment process. We have - and we continue to hire - talented developers who are focused solely on the coding. They are responsible for ensuring the projects we build function to the highest standards.

We want our designers to be equally focused on the aesthetics and getting our clients’ websites and apps looking precisely as they should.

Successful cross-discipline designer/developer hybrids do exist, but they are extremely rare. Designer/developers that perform in both disciplines to the standards we demand are rarer still and, as such, very difficult to hire.

Division of labour

For an easier recruitment process, clearer division of labour and better results for our clients, it makes far more sense for our designers to never touch the code. We believe this is key to the award-winning standards of web design we have set.

In fact, we’ve used the term web design here but we don’t use it when we are recruiting. It is high level design skills that we look for in our design team, not web specialism. If you have the right design eye, you are equipped with the relevant graphic design skills and you know the rules of design, learning to apply them to websites is very simple. We are more than happy to introduce our designers to the quirks of the web. That is far simpler than expecting somebody to have acquired all the design know-how we want AND be equally proficient in web development.

So, that’s why our designers never write code. We don’t want them coding: we want them fully focused on their design skills, and we want that attention-to-detail to be apparent in every project we complete.

Talk to us about getting our non-coding web designers working on your next project.

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