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About Zesty

We are creative people leading changes to web solutions since 1996, with offices in Belfast, Dublin, and London.

The world’s changed a lot since 1996, and we’ve always moved with it.

From our beginnings back in 1996, to the web-focused work that makes us the agency we are today, we’ve always been proactive. Curious. And right beside our clients.

Zesty stuck because it’s not just a name, it’s a practice! We bring new energy and ideas to businesses big and small. We bring vision, passion, and tailored solutions to make our clients’ lives (digitally) easier.

Over thousands of projects and counting, we’ve made humanising the web our mission. With a smile!

Sure we’ve won an award or two along the way, but we’re in this for our clients. They come back to us time and again for new projects, and new clients invite us to tender or submit an RFP alongside some of the very best agencies in the world. We’re known for our commitment to our clients and for delivering the right solutions.


We are passionate about equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. The internet is for everyone, and we strive to reflect that in our team.


Authentic and honest in our approach to all projects, we operate with transparency and open communication.


Collaboration is one of our hallmarks. Staff and clients bring projects to life together. We put the user at the heart of the project to build things the right way, the first time.


It takes a lot of courage to try a bold new direction. We always encourage our clients to do this in a way that suits their goals and work closely with them to make it all an enjoyable process.


We stand by what we do, and hold ourselves responsible for all outcomes. We’re always there to support our clients from inception to delivery, and beyond.

Our expertise


A fusion of stakeholder feedback and user research is used to create foundations for a strong digital strategy. Before we can deliver an engaging, innovative design, we have to get to know your user inside and out. We begin with a UX consultation, which gives us an in-depth understanding of your user groups, their objectives, needs, and motivations.

Client Services

Our high-touch, high-delivery client services are based on partnership. We ensure clear expectation management through consistent communication and project timelines. Our Project Managers and Account Managers ensure constant visibility and flexibility across all stages of a project.

Front-end Development

Our front-end team considers ease of use, responsiveness across different devices, interactivity, animations and transitions, and accessibility to ensure a positive user experience. They serve as a link between the UX, design, and back-end teams, working together to achieve the optimal balance of content and interactivity.


Our role in great web design is to express a client’s spirit, ethos, and unique offerings in a way that captivates its users. We encourage our clients to be bold and confident when considering what their new website could become. Something that is visually appealing and truly different, and still honours their users’ expectations of streamlined interaction.


We offer development services in Kentico, WordPress and Umbraco. Across these platforms, we create future-proofed front-end solutions, responsive redevelopment for all browsers, and API integrations to get your website to connect to the services your users need and love.

Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance programme has been running successfully for years. Our support team ensures our clients have visibility over support tickets and time used and many of our clients appreciate the flexibility we can offer in terms of the level of support and maintenance provided.

Partners & Awards

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