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Whitespace, why it matters

06 Nov 2018

Our Design Team have over 50 years' collective experience in the Design industry. Along the way one reoccurring comment they hear is along the lines of, there is ‘too much space’.

On these occasions, we challenge concerns and deliberations around the inclusion of whitespace, championing its importance from both a visual design and user experience point of view.

The Zesty Design process is heavily centred around understanding our clients and their users, the inclusion of whitespace plays a fundamental role in articulating key messages and enhancing user experience on site. As such, we feel it’s important to incorporate it in all designs, where appropriate.

What is ‘whitespace’?

Whitespace is the spacing around elements on a page, ensuring viewers’ attention is focused primarily on core content.

Whitespace (or negative space) is often taken for granted, with the temptation to fill all available space. However this may have a detrimental impact on the user’s experience and engagement on your website.

There is often the temptation to include as many messages as possible, leading to a cluttered and disorderly website. Instead of prioritising key messages and user tasks.

Does whitespace really matter?

Much has been written over the years on the importance of whitespace in design and more appropriately, web design. The subject of many blog posts and design discussions, we feel it is vital we continue to highlight the importance and the benefits of incorporating whitespace into the design and development stage of projects. Ensuring it is considered as a fundamental element within the visual designs.

Why Zesty believes whitespace is important;

  • Allows the user time to focus on important content first and consider other relevant information
  • Help to create visual hierarchy – users can easily understand informational priorities
  • Showcase for products and brand
  • Creates a feel of professionalism
  • Helps to inspire confidence

Here are a few examples of sites that  incorporate whitespace seamlessly >

For more information on our Design process speak to a member of our Client Services Team, contact us today.

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