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Where do Analytics fit when building a new website?

21 Feb 2019

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Answer: at the centre of each stage

Your next website project should begin with your Analytics.

Why? Because it is essential for you to understand what users set out to achieve on your website; What pages do they engage with? Where do they drop off the site? Are they completing contact forms? If not, why not?

The best way to answer these questions is by undertaking an in-depth analytics review, which will shed light on your users’ behaviour– the insights uncovered should then influence the overall Information Architecture, Wireframing and Design phases of your new website project.

The value of analytics doesn’t stop once this initial review has taken place, the insights revealed will form benchmarking from which your new site’s performance can be assessed and monitored.

It’s really important to understand ‘what success looks like’ for your new website. This varies for each website – Brand Awareness? Transactions? Enquiries? Resource downloads? We regularly help clients define their KPIs to effectively measure their website performance.

Our in-house Insights Team are involved with projects from the outset and throughout each project phase, to provide in-depth analytics and ensure we’re making evidence-based recommendations and validated decisions, this allows us to better understand and cater for website users.

What Analytics and Insights services do we offer?

Many of the below services can be standalone and tailored to your individual project needs. Our Analytics and Insights Services don’t need to be associated with a complete website design project.

Analytics Audit

We can help ensure that your site or app analytics data is clean and accurate to give you confidence to understand your marketing campaigns and user behaviour. This could include removing spam, filtering internal traffic or identifying any tagging errors.

Analytics Tool Set Up & Improvements

From a basic Google Analytics setup to a large-scale bespoke tracking implementation on an enterprise level tool such as Adobe Analytics we can ensure you get the right information you need to meet your business objectives.

Deep Dive Analysis

Skimming the surface may not yield an understanding of your users. We have the skills and the know how to get to the bottom of the pool of data to spot trends and understand behaviour.

Data Visualisation

Visualisations make data easier to understand and therefore easier to make business decisions from. We can create great visualisations using Data Studio or Tableau to help you make these decisions, whether it’s for your overall site performance or beyond.


When we analyse data we come up with hypotheses on how we can improve. Using optimisation tools we can put these hunches into action quickly using A/B testing. We can then collect data to see if these hunches were right.

Would you like to better understand your site’s analytics and overall performance? Contact us to find out more about how we can help.    

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