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New Ryanair site: Lots done, lots more to do

Simply Zesty's head of design on the airline's revamped website.

15 Nov 2013

"Notable is the fact that Ryanair haven’t gone the whole hog and created a responsive site, instead sticking with the strategy of native apps for mobile bookings. So the new site is aimed firmly at desktop and tablet booking. To these eyes it appears that there"s still a job to be done at second and third levels."

He does agree that the redesign fits in with the more customer-friendly approach taken by the company in recent months.

This week, for instance, 300 new jobs were announced for Ireland, while Ryanair have revealed that seats are to be allocated from 2014 and fees for reissued boarding cards - a serious bugbear for consumers - are to be reduced.

"It’s almost as if they are finally giving customer service some credence and thinking long-term, instead of whatever short-term gains they get from Mr O’Leary giving good copy."

Overall, the feeling is one of positivity, with Monro concluding that Ryanair have finally acknowledged the "mistakes of the past."

"What’s always ‘in’ is good usability and giving consideration to what a consumer wants to achieve when they come to the website - that will never get old.

"To Ryanair’s credit, they have avoided any obvious bandwagons - except perhaps ‘flat design’ - and created a site that openly acknowledges the mistakes of the past through producing something very effective."

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