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Zesty deliver new WordPress blog for Elverys

17 Aug 2018


Teeing up digital marketing work for this sports store business

Sometimes even little website development tweaks can make a big difference to an online business. Our work for Elverys was not to create a new website, nor to refresh the look of an existing site. We were tasked with creating a new blog that would integrate with the existing website and help Elverys to kick on with their promotional and digital marketing activity.


Elverys is a sports store chain with retail stores across Ireland. It was established in 1847, it operates 54 stores and employs more than 700 staff. Its e-commerce website is an increasingly important part of the business.

The Brief

Although its e-commerce website was already established, Elverys wanted to increase their digital marketing efforts and in particular their content marketing. The blog they were using was difficult to operate and the front-end looked significantly different from the rest of the website, resulting in a disjointed user experience for customers. Zesty was asked to address this and deliver a new blog from which they could effectively communicate Elvery's promotions and campaigns.

What We Did

Zesty designed and built a custom blog on the WordPress platform. Elverys had specifically requested WordPress, which is renowned for its blogging capabilities and ease of use.

We designed the blog to be as similar as possible to the rest of the website in look and feel, to create a consistent user experience across the two websites, despite the use of two different content management platforms.


The new WordPress blog is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the website. The navigation, typography and web design mirror the main e-commerce website effectively to ensure that Elverys customers are not aware that they are navigating between two different websites.

Elverys were delighted with the work we delivered within their tight deadline. They have since been able to create promotions, competitions and product tie-ins far with greater ease, ensuring their website is an effective digital marketing tool.

Stay up to date with the latest sporting news - take a look at their blog here. Whatever the scale of your website development plans - if you're planning a new website or just updates and improvements to your current site, why not contact Zesty and find out how we can help.

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