'The Artisifier' Lets You Turn Youtube Videos into Silent Films

By Zesty

Read time - 2 mins

The success of silent movie The Artist came as a surprise to almost everyone, and now there’s a website to help you jump on the bandwagon and turn any Youtube clip into a silent film. Created by Urgent Genius, the website, which will feature at a talk at SXSW next month, is called ‘The Artistifier’.

The website works by allowing you to enter a Youtube link, which it will then convert into a black and white clip with that fabulous big band music that features in silent movies. Just like in a silent movie, you can add dialogue, or your own captions to explain what’s going on and when you’re done, you can send the video to your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

The site is not affiliated with actual film The Artist, but I imagine the promotion team surrounding the film would have loved to have created something like this as it would have made for a great social media campaign. It’s a brilliant example of using new media formats to appeal to people’s nostalgic sides.

There’s a couple of videos up on the site already, with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and viral hit ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ having received the silent treatment, so if you’ve got a spare few minutes, the videos are sure to put a smile on your face!