Microsoft Talks Design Influences & Philosophy In Interactive Post

By Zesty

Read time - 1 minute

When compared to Apple and Google, Microsoft doesn’t fare too well in the aesthetics department. The company has tried to regain lost ground by redesigning its look and releasing products like the Surface, and in a recent blog post, it discusses the principles it bases its design upon.

The editor of Microsoft”s Next Blog, Steve Clayton, discusses this in a piece called “Modern design at Microsoft: Going beyond flat design“. In it, he discusses how the company”s style evolved with the times, focusing on consistency across all of its flagship products like Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone and Office.

Through that, he highlights the factors that drove the new design such as providing a fluid experience, doing more with less, and focusing on the little things to create a great experience for users.

Even if you”re not a fan of Microsoft, the piece is an interesting look at how a well-known company has tried to reestablish itself and match the expectations consumers now have.