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Introducing Kentico 9

November Seen the release of Kentico 9, a month later, our verdict is that is the best version yet.

01 Dec 2015

Kentico 8 was already a groundbreaking enhancement for the platform over version 7, it was a hit with our developers but more importantly it was a hit with our clients. Version 9 is a significant refinement release on version 8 that still gives you all the great features and functionality of the platform, with some significant improvements and new features such as:

Continuous Integration

Version 9 now allows for closer integration with source control systems such as TFS, GIT and Visual Studio allowing our developers to move development coding and data changes automatically from our development environment through QA, Staging and onto our clients production environments quicker than traditionally achieveable, all with integrated rollback versioning.

Why is this important to our clients? By having source control fully integrated into the CMS, our development process is streamlined, therefore reducing the development time, reducing costs and speeding up development delivery, making Kentico more accessible as a platform thanever.

Integrated Campaign Management

Where Kentico excels over other Content Managment Systems is how its fully integrated suite of marketing tools including lead scoring, A/B & MVT testing, marketing automation and an email marketing platform which seamlessly integrates with the other aspects of the CMS including Content Managment, Ecommerce and Intranet.

The latest version of the CMS allows for deeper integration between the tools and a whole new campaign management tool that allows the effective execution of cross channel digital marketing campaigns. This one location solution allows for development of campaign assets, campaign managment and results analysis with minimal effort without the need for third party modules of platforms.

Increased Security

One of the biggest reasons our clients love the Kentico platform is that it is a secure platform. Verison 9 increases the out of the box security support with the Anti Cross-Site Request Forgery Token System to protect the site against CSRF vunerabilities with no reduction on website performance.

Why should I upgrade?

There are lots of reasons why you should invest in the latest version of the Kentico platform but the top three reasons are:

  1. Kentico support only covers 3 versions of the platform, so if your on version 6 or previous, your platform is not going to be supported for things like security patches and CMS support.
  2. New Features. There have been several new feature updates in the most recent versions of the CMS, most notable being the CRM integration bus and the all new drag and drop form builder.
  3. New CMS interface. If you are not used to the new Kentico interface, it is a massive departure from the previous CMS back end, with responsive elements built into the platform, it really is a platform that you can use on the go, regardless of the device.


If you are interested in finding out more about Kentico, or have a legacy version of Kentico you would be interested in upgrading, contact us and organise a call or demonstration by one of our Kentico Specialists in the comfort of your own offices.

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