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Dustjacket Envelopes Encourage People To Send On Their Books To Those Less Fortunate

A really nice idea from Australian creative agency, BMF - the inside sleeve of the book is designed as an envelope, so when you're done with the book, turn it inside out, post in the mail to donate to those less fortunate.

12 Jun 2013


"Mailbooks for Good" is a clever innovation in book publishing, which encourages donations of books to The Footpath Library – a charity which provides books for homeless and disadvantaged Australians.

In partnership with the book publisher Random House Australia, creative agency BMF devised the ‘Mailbooks for Good’ initiative, which encourages donations of books. Specially-designed dust jackets enable readers to mail the books to charity when they are finished with them.

Once readers have finished the books, the covers can be turned inside out and are transformed into pre-paid, addressed parcels. Readers simply open out the dust jacket, fold it around the book with the envelope side facing out and remove the protective paper from the adhesive on the flaps to seal the Mailbook. Then all they need to do is drop it in their nearest mailbox. Great idea.

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