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Avoiding The Pitfall Of Online Fatigue

Our jobs require us to be online for hours on end every day, but few of us ever consider just how draining this is and how it affects our work ethic. Through a few simple changes, you can make sure that you're refreshed and ready to go every week.

24 Jun 2013


Have An ‘Offline’ Day

Set a weekend day to just recharge, no phones, no laptops, no internet. Sunday is a great day for this as it"s naturally a relaxed day and it will have you rested and ready for the next week of work. It’s amazing how much more energy and focus you will have if this is maintained.

These are seemingly small changes to make, but you might find they’re tougher to implement than you thought. This is because it’s habit. Habits have to be broken and reformed and it’s so important for companies to encourage this sort of downtime, as they benefit everyone.

What do you think? Are we spending too much time being connected, or is it just the culture we live in now?


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