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Automated Browser Testing

28 Dec 2018

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As part of Zesty’s standard website development process, we conduct continuous testing throughout our projects. We take into consideration all relevant browsers and review website usage statistics to create a baseline of browser support.

As standard, we support multiple versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers on both PC, Linux and Apple for desktop computers as well as multiple versions of iOS and Android browsers and we have an extensive device testing lab consisting of PCs, Mac, Android, Windows and iOS devices, all using different operating systems and versions of browsers. This way we can complete real world testing to supplement our browser development testing.

Browser Development Testing

As part of our browser development testing process we utilise a range of automated testing tools, each Developer will have their favourite however one that we use frequently is an automated browser testing tool ‘’. It’s an end to end testing experience that our Developers use to improve browser testing efficiency.

Their website hosts a wealth of user guides and support information to help users get started. With both free and paid versions depending on user requirements. Their blog is also an excellent place to learn!

We’ll give an example of the benefit of using a tool like Cypress;

If a Developer is testing the ‘search’ functionality on a client website (without using an automated testing tool) they would complete the following actions manually:

click on the search form

type in my search query

submit the form

review the results

The set of tasks above is only testing one piece of functionality on the site – the search.

Our testing process encompasses all site functionality and therefore once we begin testing multiple functionalities across a site, this can prove to be an extensive and involved task. In order to minimise the amount of manual testing we use a range of automated tools that help us to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Previously setting up automated browser testing was a laborious task in itself, Developers could have spent as much time setting up the automated tests as they would have completing the testing itself. Now tools such as Cypress have simplified the set-up process and ensured it is easy for Developers to write platform independent automated browser tests in JavaScript. As a result, we have streamlined our testing processes, enabling us to provide a more robust service for our clients.

For more information on Cypress visit their website here.

If you have any questions about automated browser testing or if our current clients would like discuss allocating additional support hours to increase browser testing on their site contact our Client Services Team and they’ll be happy to advise on the best option for your site.

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