3D Printing Used To Design Updates On 2014 Chevrolet Malibu

By Zesty

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Rapid prototyping through 3D printers helped Chevrolet give its 2014 Chevy Malibu a refresh on the interior and exterior in a cost-effective and time-saving method. By producing prototype pieces out of powder or liquid resin at a fraction of the cost, the American automaker was able to develop and evaluate new pieces for its Malibu without having to build tools to make test parts.

It literally grows prototype parts out of powder or liquid resin, usually at a fraction of the cost associated with building tools to produce parts intended for testing.

The technique, which is also known by its official name of laser sintering and stereo lithography, uses specialised software, math data, and digital lasers, and performs in days what would have otherwise taken weeks of clay sculpting in the past, notes Chevrolet.

Rapid prototyping empowers designers and engineers to quickly see, touch, test, and analyse versions of individual components and systems in precise one-third scale and full-size models.

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