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We are Simply Zesty.

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From video to motion graphics, from social media to blogging and on to website content, we author and implement the content that puts your message before thousands of people – sometimes millions.

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We conceived and developed for Club Orange, making their brand a central part in the everyday lives of the people who matter to them.

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In a relationship that’s spanned more than a decade, we have helped Bank of Ireland innovate in mobile banking, online applications and customer service.

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Over the last three years we have helped build and deliver upon Ireland's brand promise, online.

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When Teradata wanted to target the highest calibre recruits, we got them in touch with the right people using the best that social media had to offer.

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We created an online community for Vodafone, making it one of the fastest-growing Facebook pages in Ireland.

Simply Zesty
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We are Simply Zesty

We are a full-service digital agency built for a digital world. We engage with brands and consumers through creative, insight, strategy and technology. We discover. We challenge. We innovate. We transform. We deliver.

And we're hiring.

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We write one of the largest
blogs in the UK and Ireland.

With more than 200,000 monthly readers, the Simply Zesty blog is one of our proudest achievements – industry commentary from industry leaders, read by the most important people in the marketing world.

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We are made up of some of the smartest people working in digital.

We are developers, videographers, writers, project managers, designers, researchers and teachers.
We are a full-service digital agency built for brands today.

  • Keith Lacy

    Keith Lacy


  • Aaron Goodliffe

    Aaron Goodliffe

    Creative Director

  • Mark Kennedy

    Mark Kennedy

    Technical Director

  • Yvonne Ruane

    Yvonne Ruane

    Account Manager

  • Steve Moore

    Steve Moore

    Head of .NET Development

  • Ian Jones

    Ian Jones

    User Interface Consultant

  • Phil Jamison

    Phil Jamison

    Digital Art Director

  • Cora Fox

    Cora Fox

    UI Designer

  • Stuart Harland

    Stuart Harland

    Senior Software Developer

  • Nibu Abraham

    Nibu Abraham

    Software Developer

  • Claire Brown

    Claire Brown


Why not join us? We're looking for...

A Digital Agency Account Manager in Belfast ( specification )

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We make friends wherever we go

We’ve got 55,000 fans on Facebook, 27,000 followers on Twitter and 1,500 followers on LinkedIn –
all because people want to hear what we have to say.

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Our work gets your business noticed

We know how to create, manage, grow and promote brands using a whole range of digital tools and skills. And we’re proud of the recognition we’ve picked up on the way.

Eircom Spiders

Eircom Spiders

Irish Web Awards

Irish Web Awards

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DANI Awards

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Mobile Awards

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We understand business

We don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’; we provide our solutions based upon the specific needs of your business. Because we know that the best way forward is the way that works for you.

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We would love to work with you

Talk to us. We have a proven history of innovation at Simply Zesty, and we'd love to use that experience to build your digital presence, your digital future...and your business.

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