Case Study

The Wild
Atlantic Way

bringing clarity & discovery to an online adventure

Whether online or on the open road, the smoothness and ease of our journeys affect how we feel about them. Our work on the Wild Atlantic Way website simplified the interactive journey for those interested in visiting the west of Ireland. We created a more enjoyable online experience and provided the freedom to explore and plan unforgettable adventures.


Background is the official website of one of Irish tourism authority Fáilte Ireland’s key assets. The Wild Atlantic Way is a coastal touring route running from Malin Head to Kinsale Harbour, covering 2,500km & nine counties.


The Brief

Fáilte Ireland asked us to create a website that would change perceptions of tourism in the west of Ireland and encourage new visitor groups to discover the Wild Atlantic Way. Simplifying the customer journey would be a key factor in achieving this. With the touring route covering a wide geographic area and incorporating many individual attractions, planning a visit could be overwhelming, which was resulting in abandoned bookings. The lack of responsive design was also causing poor customer experience on mobile and tablet devices.


What We Did

We set about making the Wild Atlantic Way website less daunting by design. That process started with user experience research, including customer journey analysis, to establish how people would use the website.

On the basis of the research, we redesigned and redeveloped the website to make it fully responsive, more engaging and less confusing. We adopted an architecture built around five main sections to allow for easy navigation. A full-screen design with off-canvas maps, which slide in when activated, also made navigating the site easier. Wireframes and final designs both went to stakeholder and customer workshops to confirm everything worked as intended for both Fáilte Ireland and tourists.

Thousands of attractions, events and businesses can be filtered on the website to allow visitors to find the most relevant content. The listings are also integrated with Fáilte Ireland’s main database.

A key finding of the UX research was that we needed to present the Wild Atlantic Way in bitesize chunks: an à la carte selection of attractions from which you select your favourites, rather than a set menu to work your way through in one go. We built a trip planner and route explorer to help customers plot their journey and favourite attractions.

This personalisation encouraged the storytelling, social media interaction and visitor-generated content that would be essential to the website's long-term success.


Results provides tourists with a streamlined journey on any device when planning their visit, exploring the route and sharing their stories.

The website won two Eir Spiders for Best Digital Geography and Location Based Services and Best in Travel, Sport, Leisure and Tourism.

More importantly, Fáilte Ireland is confident that our approach will encourage repeat visits from tourists who want to take in the full Wild Atlantic Way over the course of multiple trips.

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