We have been delivering effectiveness for Bank of Ireland since 1997 - the birth of the commercial web in Ireland.
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Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland is an exciting and constantly evolving Irish banking brand. We were asked to work closely with the bank’s web centre of excellence and marketing teams to ensure they stay ahead.

Our work with Bank of Ireland began as early as 1997 - creating, developing and maintaining www.bankofireland.com and its subsidiary web platforms into a robust consolidated content management system. This work then continued to develop with technological changes and with new development challenges and requirements. Ultimately, however, this convergence of technology and marketing means that we keep this brand titan at the fore-front of customer service in an always-on world.
Bank of IrelandBank of Ireland
Bank of Ireland


Our collaboration with Bank of Ireland’s marketing and web teams has resulted in delivering a very high standard of service that has continually met the specific needs and requirements of the project. The many different aspects of this long term project have also shown how true collaboration can create something with heightened functionality that outperforms the expected.

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