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What we can do

We deliver commercially beneficial, interactive social media training workshops to clients in a variety of brands and sectors with a variety of goals and challenges.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our training solutions to the individual skill levels and requirements of participants, adapting our knowledge of social media and applying it to your unique commercial objectives.

We help brands to navigate social media marketing, helping them to answer key questions from ‘which social channels should I be using?’ to ‘how can I find my target audience?’, to ‘what should I be sharing and when?’.

Do you want to learn the basics to grow your brand, or upskill and become a social media marketing specialist?

Whether you’re developing a long-term social media strategy, or a seasonal standalone campaign, we combine knowledge of the latest social media trends and leading research with technical skills and practical exercises to equip you with the skills you need to achieve your goals.

We can teach you how to harness social media marketing to achieve a range of business objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate new leads
  • Grow revenue
  • Boost brand engagement
  • Build an engaged online community
  • Improve your social customer service
  • Increase PR and brand mentions
  • Monitor conversations about your brand

With a combined experience in delivering social media marketing solutions for brands including Expedia, Electric Ireland and Kingspan Group our team have the capabilities and expertise to provide you with an immersive workshop that covers all essential learning items including:

  • Strategy and Planning:

    We’ll teach you to how to develop data-driven social media strategies that are easy to implement and even easier to measure against pre-defined SMART goals.

  • Content Marketing:

    We’ll outline the process for developing and tailoring content to your chosen social channels, teaching you how to identify the right content topics and formats, and amplify its reach through an optimised approach to distribution.

  • Paid Social Advertising:

    It’s important to complement your organic social posts with targeted social media ad campaigns. We’ll show you how to create, launch and optimise campaigns through your chosen channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

  • Social Media Analytics:

    We’ll cover everything from clear campaign tracking using UTM tagging, to A/B testing for optimal ad performance, to interpreting the metrics that will enable you to improve your approach (both organic and paid) across all channels.

You can take a deeper dive into our training options and comprehensive course content by getting in touch today!

Looking for one-to-one training solutions or a workshop for your entire team? We’re happy to help.