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Trying to gather digital data from a variety of channels and platforms can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

Companies are keen to see the direct impact their digital marketing activity is having on their bottom line but struggle to make sense of the metrics. We can decipher your data for the most meaningful, actionable insights that we can use to optimise your digital marketing approach.

Not all data is worth measuring – we can help you to eliminate vanity metrics from your reporting, and instead provide a streamlined, succinct overview of the analytics that matter most.

The result? Data-driven decision making that can create a strategic, competitive advantage for your company.

Creating Custom Dashboards

Our customised reporting dashboards give you a streamlined overview of the data you care about most. The ability to monitor key metrics in one location means you can quickly and easily check the health of your digital channels and campaigns and identify trends and correlations between different reports.

Our digital dashboards are designed to be customised and shared, enabling any decision maker or senior stakeholder to easily compare and contrast data and sustain a sharp focus on the link between your digital marketing strategy and your commercial objectives.

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Providing Regular Reports

There’s a very important difference between data reporting and data analysis. Reporting is the aggregation of data. Analysis, on the other hand, is data accompanied by an understanding of specific business priorities, tailored recommended actions, and context.

For analytics to be useful, they must be tracked on a regular basis. We can simplify the process by providing comprehensive bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly reports that your company can use to justify the value of digital. Our digital data analysis is tailored to your requirements, indicating trends and offering insights to you, your fellow team members, or your executive team.

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Understanding Analytics

Most companies have Google Analytics tracking installed on their website. A lot less are able to adequately navigate the platform and understand their data.

The Google Analytics interface contains a wealth of invaluable information, from the most viewed pages on your website, to how long visitors are spending there. All you need to know is how to access it!

Our Analytics training course can be tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with a foundational knowledge of the platform, so you’ll be able to easily track the effectiveness of your digital campaigns and understand your site traffic. With a comprehensive understanding of Analytics, you’ll have the ability to focus your time and resource more efficiently!

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