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Reports overflowing with data collected from multiple digital channels and platforms can be time-consuming to collate, difficult to digest and rarely empower you to make better business decisions.

We can help you to get the most out of your reporting, building streamlined and simplified processes to analyse data and translate it into actionable, insightful information that you can use to accelerate your operational efficiency and boost business value.

Capturing data is easy. Understanding it is the hard part. We leverage a combination of technical implementation and analytic skills to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses and provide tailored recommendations to set yourself apart from the competition and maximise revenue.

We Can Help You With Your Technical Setup

Our Insights team can help you with technical implementation, from installing tracking code on your website, to creating tags that will ensure we’re capturing the right data at the right time. We can use a variety of tag management tools, including Google Tag Manager, Launch and Tealium.

Once we’ve set up your tracking, we can then build customised reports and easy-to-understand, automated dashboards based on your specific business requirements. This provides you with a unified view of your digital performance data that can be easily accessed by all of your stakeholders at any time.

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We Can Tell You What Your Data Means

After we’ve collected and collated your data, we can use the reports, dashboards and data visualisations we produce to share tailored insights. We leverage a number of data visualisation tools including Google Data Studio & Tableau to help you easily and effectively define what success looks like for your business.

We know that data can only hold commercial value if it’s translated into clear, comprehensive insights which can be used to drive positive action. We can help you to figure out what you want from your data and decide what to do with it, establishing an approach that will enable you to better understand your customers, your industry, and your own business.

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Let’s Optimise Your Approach

We’ll use your website’s data to create a better user experience and transform your company’s commercial performance.

Once you’ve successfully driven users to your website, there may be a follow-up activity you’d like them to complete, be it filling in a contact form, making a purchase, or downloading a piece of content. We can use analytics to understand how users are engaging with your website, and what is preventing them from completing the high priority actions you consider conversions.

This empowers us to deliver you enhanced customer insights, so you can find the right audience for your business, achieve better ROI through higher conversion rates, and improve scalability by turning browsers into buyers.

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