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Meet Zesty: Tim, Senior Technical Lead

06 Jun 2018

Tim Swann is our senior technical lead. His role is to supervise any project that is of higher than normal technical difficulty. Should your plans have complicating factors that will need to be overcome during the course of our work, Tim and his team will ensure that the build and deployment process goes smoothly and that everything works as it should.

If a project has the potential to be complex on the technical side, Tim will get involved very early on. He will help you to choose the most suitable platform for your requirements and what you want to achieve.

Tim’s role also includes overseeing connectivity; messaging between your app or website and other services; legacy system integration; and ensuring our team keeps up to date with the very latest in coding best practice.



After studying biochemistry at university with a view to pursuing a career in forensic science, Tim moved to Germany, where he managed an Irish pub in Cologne. In the course of promoting the business, he started learning how to code and build websites. The new skills soon became more than a hobby and when Tim came back to Belfast, forensic science was left behind in favour of web development.

Tim says: “There are similarities. The methodical chasing down of problems is definitely the same in both fields.”

He joined what is now Zesty in 2004 and his role has evolved and expanded over time. What keeps somebody in a business for that length of time?

“For me, as a developer, the opportunity to work with household names is something I really enjoy,” says Tim. “I’ve been involved in projects with Bank of Ireland, the GAA, talkSPORT and many others - those chances don’t come along at many agencies.”


Expertise and experience

Tim is also passionate about the personal and professional development of our technical staff… and even those of other agencies. He is a founding member of the local PHP group in Belfast, which encourages people interested in PHP and web development to get together and learn from each other. 

He is keen that all our developers continue to learn, including by attending web development conferences and reading material that keeps them up to speed with best practice. Those processes ensure we continue to provide the perfect blend of web development experience and expertise to our clients.

Tim explains: “Our technical proficiency is something that sets Zesty apart from other digital agencies. We have an extreme depth of networking and infrastructure knowledge, which comes from the overlap with our sister company Tibus. There are very few companies that are as strong on web development as we are that are also inherently network specialists.

“Our level of experience means we can offer a multitude of services. We don’t just do off-the-shelf  websites and apps: we can code from scratch or bend WordPress to ensure it does exactly what you need to achieve.

“We are experienced in just about every conceivable method of getting your website or app to speak to other servers, so we have the know-how to integrate all your in-house and third-party systems.”

If you would like to discuss how our technical knowledge would benefit your project, please get in touch.

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