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This Week's 10 Most Talked About Viral Videos

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Another week of great viral videos and as you would expect with the new iPhone set to launch this week, there are a couple of videos featuring that subject. We also see a great ad for Durex from Poland, a great animated Subway advert and another couple of classics from car brands Kia and Volkswagen. Sit back and enjoy the most talked viral videos of the week.

Volkswagen Uses Funny Looking Bulldog In Latest Advert

When it comes to advertising, if you're out of ideas, you can always go with a cute animal to help get people's attention which is exactly what Volkswagen have done for their latest ad. Well not really that cute, but it's an animal all the same.

iPhone 5 New Concept Features

Concept videos showing what the new iPhone 5 will look like appear to be popping up all over the place, but this one is probably the most far-fetched and the best one to date as far as we can see.

Shit Apple Fanatics Say

The title says it all really. We hear at least half of these sayings in the office on a daily basis.

Durex Launch Naught In Flight Advertising For Condoms

Most people completely switch off during the safety announcements when flying, but a new Durex campaign from Poland grabbed the passenger's attention in a unique way. The perfect way to get people talking about their products while setting off for a fun holiday.

Volkswagen Launch Incredibly Smart Eco Friendly Advert

Volkswagen are known for their smart print ads but their new magazine advert from South Africa takes things to a whole new level. A simple card was placed in magazines that allowed people to post their magazine to a recycling firm for free while getting the message about the new eco friendly Volkswagen cars across to consumers.

Stunning Bike Tricks In San Francisco – Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill has created some of the most watched videos on the web and his latest set of insane bike trick sees him take on the city of San Francisco. The only difference this time is that he is working with Remington and this is effectively an advert. A bloody good one that will get millions of views though.

Red Bull Formula 1 Car Travels Streets Of The USA

We've lost count of how many times we have covered Red Bull here on the blog but this may be their best video yet as they take their Formula 1 car to the streets of America for an incredible stunt. It's a well produced video that will get tens of millions of views


The KIA's Disco Hamsters Return By Gatecrashing The Opera

Remember the KIA Hamsters who danced to LMFAO's Everyday I'm Shuffling? Of course you do! It has been a year since that video first came out, but it was a massive success as it reached 19 million views. Now the hamsters are back, but this time, they're gatecrashing an 18th century opera house, which features more of the same craziness and fun that made the original so memorable.

Brilliant Subway Advert Lets An Egg Live Beyond Breakfast

This brilliant little cartoon is a new advert for Subway, which promotes the fact that you can get eggs in their sandwiches after 11am. It tells the story of a little egg who wants to see more of the day and it is pure genius. We especially love the ending.

New Virgin Mobile Ad Urges People To Lose Their Phone

Virgin Mobile has launched a new $35 unlimited mobile data plan and its advert to go along with it encourages people to have "accidents” with their old phones. Simple concept, but brilliant ad that is well worth sharing.

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