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The 50 Most Creative Brand Pages On Google+

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Considering we did one for Facebook, it was only fair that we give Google+ the same treatment. While it's taken a bit of flak when it first started up, Google+ offers a wide range of features that you can't find on Facebook or Twitter. High quality images, hangouts, rich multimedia and the ability to use GIF files for the cover photo are just some of the things brands can take advantage of. If you want to see the best ways to use Google+ for your brand, here is a collection of the best Google+ brand pages out there.

Food & Drink

Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the most active brands across all social media channels and it keeps a good presence here. It regularly updates its profile with all its great videos and other rich media content.


The second largest drinks brand on the list and one of the world's most recognizable brands has over a million people following the page. Content only gets updated every few days though and it often follows what it's doing on their Facebook page.


Another drinks brand who has embraced the platform and has millions of followers. Pepsi sponsors The X Factor in the USA and much of its content is focused around that, which seems to match the interests of its core target market.

Ben & Jerry's

Nobody can resist ice-cream and Ben & Jerry's promotes its page through humorous and eye-catching imagery. Sometimes it does take the time to show off its ice-cream range, which looks even tastier when an Instagram filter is applied to them.


Skittles updates aren't visual like the other examples in this list, but they are kooky, different and represent the brand's unique sense of humour.


One of the largest chocolate brands in the world have over two million people following them and it focused largely on Olympic themed content over the last few months. It updates on a regular basis, but do be warned that you'll be hungry if you follow this page!


Naturally, Starbucks keeps its Google+ account up-to-date with the latest offers on coffee as well as its latest exotic, novelty blends.

Media & TV


Media brands regularly make the list and ESPN has a huge bank of sports-related content to share with people who follow them. Updates are frequent and there is a large amount of engagement compared to other brands on the platform.

Sky News

Sky News engages its fans though numerous albums covering the events of the day so sports, natural disasters and other major events are covered by using numerous images. The only problem is that it hasn't updated its page as often as you might think, but the bulk updates makes up for it.

The New York Times

While the NYT has the usual updates and such, what it does differently and very well is how it uses hangouts, the most recent ones were to discuss the upcoming U.S. election which, while not having record numbers, does show a willingness to find new ways to engage with its audience.


It was obvious that a few Google's products would make this list and YouTube is well up there as one of the best brand pages on the site. The YouTube pages demonstrates a perfect understanding of how brand pages work from its cover photo to its updates.


The iconic magazine knows its audience so its updates are usually links to its articles. Its cover photo highlights the brand's heritage by showcasing some of the magazine's most iconic front covers.


With gadgets and humour as its centrepiece, ThinkGeek's content is always fun and intriguing to look at, meaning that you'll end up spending more time on it than you would think.

The X Factor USA

Considering its that time of year again, the X Factor's page is constantly updated with previews, reviews, clips and images of the auditions so those who can't get enough of the show are always up to date.



The cruise ship company has a bright and colourful brand page, and engages fans through holiday snaps, behind the scenes look and most importantly, having a sense of humour.

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes

Alongside its creative use of its cover photo, the Brazilian airline makes sure that all its posts are visually appealing so discounts, offers and ideas are done through some stunning imagery.

British Airways

The British Airways Google+, much like the airline itself, has experienced a great boost thanks to the recent London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the accounts recent content has taken a greater focus on Britain's successful athletes. Also, news about flights and test pilot schemes is littered throughout.

Air France

The major French airline post about its best offers and discount on worldwide flights, keeping customers updated while also posting the odd flash mob video.


Virgin has its fingers in many pies, so why wouldn't they have an active Google+ account? It's just brimming with images of Richard Branson and Usain Bolt as Richard Branson and its GIF cover photo is brilliant.



This has to be the most beautiful page on the site with lots of video content from its races and the factory mixed in with pictures of its stunning cars. Content is updated on a regular basis and it has a large engaged following.


Another car brand with more than a million followers and its cover photo on the social network is a little bit special as you can see. Its focus is similar to what it does on its other social profiles with an eye on design, stunning images and talking about how their cars are made with such precision.

Aston Martin

When you think of classy brands, Aston Martin is the one that comes to mind and its content maintains this image. From brilliant interior shots to sharp videos, everything about the page fits into its brand image perfectly.


Another car brand that understands the power of imagery, Citroën's updates are full of videos and albums which shows off its range to great effect.


Chevy updates almost daily, and its page is very keen to show off its latest cars, adverts and promotional offers. With over one million Google+ fans, it's doing well for themselves as one of the sites most popular auto franchises.


The Mercedes Google+ is regularly updated with images and statuses that may very well appeal to the millions of Mercede fans out there. Also, since the company has a great interest in Formula 1, there are regular updates on McLaren-Mercedes and the Mercedes F1 team.

General Motors

The embattled auto giant regularly posts updates about fresh-off-the-line cars and technological breakthroughs plus all the latest news out of Motor City. Plenty of video and photo updates as well.


The motor company was one of the first brands to start using Google+ and it's easy to see why it was chosen. Ford uses everything Google+ has to offer: images, videos, hangouts and events are incorporated in some way, which shows you why they have almost 1.4 million fans.


Another brand that uses multimedia to its best, Nissan uses the page to promote its products, events and competitions.

Volkswagen USA

Image heavy and always encouraging fan participation, Volkswagen USA's page is filled with some great images from fans and uses multimedia to cover the many events it holds.


Car brands seem to just get social media, and Toyota is the next in line. It focuses more on racing and speed, but it does also have time to show off its consumer range.


Beyond the cool animations at the top of their Google+ page, Mini like to use their account to post photos of all their sleekest cars as well as videos of them in action.



Fashion brands are always great for showing off their wares and Diesel is no exception. Through its clever linking of its profile and cover photo to uploading numerous photos and videos of its range, Diesel use of the medium is consistent and provides fans with the content they want.


The high end fashion brand has always been quick to embrace social media and its presence on Google+ is engaging with beautiful rich media featuring heavily.


H&M style is vibrant and this is shown in its updates and use of multimedia. Images and video are order of the day as the brand shows of its fashion range.

Christian Dior

This fashion brand is all looks and has one of the best animated cover photos on Google+. It's also no surprise that most of its content focus on stunning imagery.


Lacoste is all about clothing and therefore, its updates features numerous photos from its fashion shows, showcasing its latest range.



A couple of million highly engaged followers choose to view content from one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. Its content is similar to what it shares on other social networks with reviews, tips and competitions.

Samsung USA

Once again showing that it has the upper hand over its great rivals Apple when it comes to social media, Samsung has close to a million followers on this page alone. There seems to be a large focus on learning and more educational updates on this page than its other social profiles.


Another great example of using GIF to liven up what could have been a boring cover photo. Intel's posts are always bright, vibrant and one features Kiefer Sutherland using a flamethrower to cook cupcakes, which is a plus in our books.


After getting huge (and justified) publicity from its Mars landing, NASA's updates are very detailed and the page is probably one of the most regularly updated pages on the site. To boot, their updates are always interesting so as long as you don't hate science, you'll find a lot to like here.


Considering it focuses on design, Adobe page is visually appealing and has a lot of great info for budding and veteran designers.


The fastest growing page at the moment, Android's page is geared towards providing updates for its fans, but does use multimedia occasionally to spruce things up a bit.


The mobile gaming company keeps things fresh by offering its fans numerous previews of its games, some funny images and a small doze of nostalgia to keep things interesting.

General Electric

General Electric is an all-encompassing company and its Google+ is just as varied, posting facts about the brain, health, technology, aircraft, the environment and so much more.


Greenpeace Brazil

Greenpeace's cause is environmental and as you would expect, it highlights these problems through photos, advertisements and videos.


Similar to Greenpeace Brazil, WWF engages its fans through startling images, videos and stats highlighting the many problems endangered animals are facing.


Apart from making good use of its cover and profile photo, Orange keeps things simple by posting basic updates, which is a pity as while it does its job just fine, the potential for an engaging fan page is clearly there.


American mobile phone network AT&T uses Google+ to highlight all the newest phones and contracts, while also bringing users behind the scenes and/or preaching safety tips with video content.

AXE Brazil

AXE (or Lynx depending on where you're based) is a provocative brand - always finding the middle ground between acceptable and risqué - so this page contains pretty much what you would expect from the brand. The cover photo alone tells you everything you need to know about the page so if you're in any way offended by (somewhat) risqué content, it may be best to steer clear of this one.


It would be pretty bad if Google didn't feature in a list concerning its own product. Thankfully there are many reasons for featuring it like a striking cover photo, regular updates and its use of multimedia content.

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