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The 10 Best News Aggregator Apps For Those On The Go

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With more news sources emerging and the feeling of information overload growing, it's handy that there are so many news aggregators out there. However, it's a crowded market, so finding out which ones are worth your time and are best suited towards your way of consuming information can be time-consuming. Therefore, we've rounded up what we think are the ones to consider.


For: iPhone

One of the newer reader apps out there, Prismatic is probably one of the best designed iPhone reader apps out there. Its interface is easy and a nice touch is that any article you read will be accompanied by the latest tweets relating to the piece you're reading so you can see what people think. Alongside numerous suggestions based upon your interests, subscriptions and your location, Prismatic is a brilliantly handy app, but the only problem is that (so far), it's only available for iPhone, although it is available for Facebook.

Use it if: You're always on the go and want content that brings in the best of both local and international sources.


For: iPhone, Android, iPad

The incredibly stylish magazine which looks even better on tablet, Flipboard makes the entire reading process as stylish as possible and integrates all your social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. Its most recent update now features video, giving your content more variety.

Use it if: You prioritise style and interface in a news app.


For: iPhone, iPad, Android

The self proclaimed smart magazine, Zite becomes smarter the more you use it, so if you're interested in technology articles, Zite will pick up on this and refine its content to reflect this. Taking into account the type of article, key feature and how its shared across the web, Zite tailors its content to reflect your reading habits.

Use it if: You only follow a few publications and want a smarter way to discover new content.

Google Currents

For: iPhone, Android, iPad

Google's official reader is pretty versatile and strikes a balance between style and practicality. As well as syncing your Google account (as is standard with all of Google's products), the app recommends a vast range of publications for you to subscribe to and groups them using symbols. As the app doesn't automatically subscribe you to your Google Reader content, it means that its better if you want to quickly check updates from certain publications.

Use it if: You like keeping your reading simple and to the point.

Feeddler RSS

For: iPhone, iPad

Basically your Google Reader account on the go, Feeddler has a handy night mode, which is useful if you read for long times and you don't want to drain the battery. Simple, precise and does everything you want it to.

Use it if: You feel the content in your Google Reader account is perfect.


For: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

A cross between Flipboard and Google Currents, Pulse organises its stories by thumbnail images. Its aesthetics is its main draw and by bringing in multiple sources, its interface is smooth and visually appealing and it sources content

Use it if: You're a tablet user and you much rather have a quick look at the day's news.


For: iPhone, iPad, Mac

While not as stylish as the other readers on this list, NetNewsWire prides itself on its simplicity and efficiency, being only 1MB in size. Its main function is to sync with Google Reader, assuming that you already have an account, where it will work its magic. If you're not too focused on the aesthetics and you feel that the content in your Google Reader account is just right, you'll find it useful.

Use it if: If your iPad/iPhone is lacking space and you need something lightweight.


For: iPhone, Android

News 360 separates itself from other news readers by incorporating two swipeable screens. The top part shows you the most popular stories while the bottom shows you the article you're reading. The idea is that you can see what other articles are on offer based on the images used. The only problem is that while there is a location setting so while you can get localised news, there's no real way to properly customise your feed.

Use it if: You rather have your news given to you in bite-sized chunks.


For: iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Instead of giving you a massive list for you to scroll down, Feedly breaks your content feed up into manageable chunks. While it provides you with suggestions, it's primarily focused on your Google Reader Account so if you have all your subscriptions organised under subheadings, it will show you the latest stories from that folder. Its style is minimalist so stories load up quickly. Another thing worth noting is that the new beta version of Feedly will be out on September 10th so it's worth keeping an eye on until then.

Use it if: Your Google Reader is perfectly organised into sub-headings.


For: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Blackberry, Nook, Kindle

Taptu is not only diverse, running across numerous platforms, but also offers a massive degree of customisation. It arranges its feeds as streams and also works as a Facebook and Twitter client, effectively becoming a massive hub for both news and social media updates.

Use it if: You want all your news and social media feeds in one handy place.

And Here's A Bonus App: Pocket

For: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

As you won't always have the time to read stories the first time you see them, Pocket lets you save any interesting content you might find so you can view it later. You can save articles from your browser, or connect it up to apps like Twitter, Flipboard and Zite and save articles from there

Use it if: If you're pressed for time and want to note interesting content for later.

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