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The 10 Best Examples Of Web Services Using Facebook Effectively

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While many brands and businesses focus on building a large community on Facebook itself, some of the web services that are having the most success with the world's biggest social network are doing so by deeply integrating it into their own sites. This approach is called 'Instant Personalization' and when done correctly, it can lead not only to a better user experience, but also increase traffic and revenue. As you will see from the list below, these are big mainstream web services who have lots of development resources, but by betting their entire future on Facebook, they are showing the huge rewards that are there on offer.

Rotten Tomatoes


What Facebook Integration Brings: Allows you to browse through films your friends like and review movies you have seen recently.

Similar sites: IMDb, Metacritic

Rotten Tomatoes + Facebook is one of the premier ways of organising your film viewing with your social media presence. The site will recommend films based on your likes, and you can easily review and recommend films you have seen on the site and share such information with your friends. If you are logged in on Facebook and enter RT you will already be engaged; you're instantly opted-in to usage with the site. It's not the deepest integration, as many will merely like films as they would on Facebook, though some users will certainly writing lengthy reviews from time to time - this will surely depend on how active your Facebook friends are in film criticism.



What Facebook Integration Brings: Keep track of what you're watching on Netflix and share with your friends

Similar sites: Love Film, Blockbuster

Netflix users who connect their accounts to their Facebook profiles will be able to post what they're watching on the streaming site and view what fellow Facebook/Netflix users are viewing as well. You can then pick up on their recommendations and stream what they're watching, and vice versa. There's really not a lot to this integration, but it's a good way of adding a social element to your viewing habits and makes it exponentially easier to get round to movies and TV series you've been saying you'd catch up on. Netflix is great in itself: cheap and efficient it is revolutionising how we consume film and television; the Facebook addition is merely a bonus.


What Facebook Integration Brings: Social radio station that promotes sharing of music between friends

Similar sites:, Spotify

The Facebook app has over 9,000 monthly users and is fast becoming the quickest and easiest way to search for the latest in new music while also sharing your finds and selections with friends. The search capabilities are great and the site's music library is brimming with every possible selection, but as with most Facebook integrations, the main sell is in the social capabilities. The thinking being that your friends' recommendation will be just as useful and fruitful as searching the exfm database.


Site: Yelp

What Facebook Integration Brings: Auto-friend function, liking a business on Yelp equals a like on Facebook,

Similar Sites: TripAdvisor, Foursquare

Yelp is basically a review site for popular places around your city. However, it styles itself more as a social network of sorts as it promotes interaction among friends and users. So naturally, it's a perfect fit for Facebook connection. Alongside the usual, your news feed will prioritise what your Facebook friends have reviewed, what they liked or what they're doing. Also, you can select auto-friending which will let you automatically friend any Facebook friends who later sign up to the service.


Site: Scribd

What Facebook Integration Brings: Like & Activity Feed, show mobile reading activity, printing and purchases

Similar Sites:, Google Books,.

The social library introduced 'Readcast' which was the integration of Facebook into its reading feed. What this brings is the like button and the activity feed into the experience, allowing users to share events like scribbles, ratings, mobile reading activity, printing and purchases.


Site: Bing

What Facebook Integration Brings: Social Search, personalised search

Similar Sites: Google

Trying to take on Google isn't easy and Bing's big draw is that it integrates Facebook into its search functions to create social search. The reality hasn't really caught on as social search has a long way to go, but Bing is hopeful that when it begins to catch on, it will be at the forefront since it has the biggest social media sites backing it. Its more recent inclusion was integrating Klout into the search engine so it hasn't given up on social by any means.


Site: Docs

What Facebook Integration Brings: Share word documents and other files via Facebook

Similar Sites:  Google Docs

Think Google Docs for Facebook and you're on the right track. Here, you can create and share Microsoft Office documents, add tags, wall comments and choose to share either as yourself or as a company page. It lets you choose what people you share it with based on your privacy features (public, close friends, work, etc.).


Site: Clicker

What Facebook Integration Brings: Personalised recommendations based on what you like

Similar sites: Netflix, YouTube

Once you sign in with your Facebook profile, Clicker, which functions as an online TV guide, automatically gives you recommendations based on your Facebook information. The information it uses to curate its list is based on publicly available information.


Site: Prismatic

What Facebook Integration Brings: Suggests articles, sites and blogs to follow based on your activity

Similar Sites: Zite, Flipboard.

Not only can you get Prismatic on your iPhone, but it's also available for users on Facebook. The web app connects up to your account and takes your likes and interests and suggests content based on it. So the more pages that you like, the more content that will be suggested to you.

Site: Fab

What Facebook Integration Brings: Suggests designer goods based on your tastes and previous purchases. Also allows you to shop on the site without tedious sign up forms and an app built in to Facebook brings the Fab experience with you wherever you go.

Similar Sites:Etsy

So if there was one site that showed the future of eCommerce and social integration it would have to be Fab. They have used Facebook to harness a massive following and the sense of community they have built up helps them drive huge volumes of sales.

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