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First Four Apple iPhone 5 Video Ads Revealed

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Now that all the techies have their hands on the iPhone 5, all that remains is to launch the ads that will sell this device to the mass consumer market. Apple today launched the first 4 ads that will form its marketing push over the busy holiday quarter and they are in a predictable format with a focus on simplicity. The ads are narrated by Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom

and they focus on one core value of the phone. I was getting a little worried about Apple after some of its recent ads and while these aren't its best work, they are back in a familiar style and format that will sell tons of phones over the busy holiday period.


Apple is pretty good at stating the obvious sometimes. This ad basically makes the size of the phone and the fact that it fits into your hand perfectly the main selling point.


One of the main selling points was always going to be the Panoramic camera and this cute ad, featuring kids, certainly tugs at the heart-strings.


The thing that Apple is trying to focus on with this phone is the fact that it is bigger while actually being smaller. It nearly tries to turn the engineering on this phone into some sort of magical feat.


Having taken over three years to engineer, the EarPods have been totally redesigned and Apple think that is a big enough deal to give them their own ad.

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