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A Guide To Social Sharing On iOS6

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So pretty much every iPhone user has upgraded to iOS 6 in the last few days and has discovered that a massive part of its update concerns its capabilities for social sharing. Social media has been heavily integrated into both iOS and Android. Apple can now host seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter while Android takes a more diplomatic approach and syncs a number of accounts together. In essence, any posting on Facebook and Twitter can be done within one or two taps and puts sharing at the centre of iOS.


Once you connect up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your iPhone, this option appears. By pulling down the dashboard, you will be presented with 'Tap to Tweet' and 'Tap to Post' options. It's clear that Apple understand that sharing is usually done immediately and has made the process from idea to post simple.

For Facebook, you can add your location and adjust the privacy settings of your post while Twitter's option only allows you to share your location. Also, the events calendar is automatically integrated into the dashboard which makes the process of remembering birthdays and events easier for iOS users.

Overall, the experience is intuitive and while it might sound that the options are basic, presumably if you wanted to add a photo or link, you would be already accessing either your photo album or Safari respectively.

Contacts & Calendar

As mentioned on dashboards, when you sync up your Facebook account to your iPhone, it automatically updates you to events and birthdays on your calendar and adds all your Facebook friends to your contacts list. For some, this will be handy as a number of people do place their number up on Facebook, but for most people, it will just clog up their calendar and contacts list.

To remove this, simply go into 'groups' when you're in the contacts app and deactivate the Facebook option below. For calendar, go into 'calendar' in the app of the same name and you can deactivate Facebook notifications at the bottom.


Siri has been given a number of new features and although it isn't exactly the killer feature we originally expected it to be, the upgrade does give it more functionality, is faster and is given a greater personality. Simply ask for an app and you're guaranteed to open it in at least one or two steps, which is handy if you use other social media apps like Foursquare, Path or Google+.

Of course, Facebook and Twitter integration is still apparent here and can be done through voice control. Again, like the dashboard, you can only post basic messages which is probably a good thing since identifying unlabelled photos through voice would be an absolute pain. All users need to do is start their sentence with "Tweet" or "Post on Facebook."

It's not perfect, but Apple is still labelling it as a 'beta' so for its imperfections, it's worth keeping that in mind.


Pretty much every other native feature that Apple placed in its update has been integrated with social sharing. Safari, Apple Maps (provided Apple makes vast improvements to its accuracy, location sharing would be useful), and photos. iOS 6 doesn't let you upload videos onto Facebook, instead it lets you upload it onto YouTube, which is odd considering how Apple dropped its native YouTube app for the latest update.


Although Apple say that there were over 200 new features contained in the update, the ones that truly matter would probably range between the 10-20 mark at best. What iOS 6 does well is integrate social sharing into its product without disrupting the entire experience which users love. There was a danger of over-complicating the sharing process by adding numerous bells and whistles to these features, but Apple has focused on its trademark simplicity and the update is all the better for it.

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