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25 Unmissable Social Media Articles To Read This Weekend - 29th Sept

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Every week, we have a look at some of the biggest social media stories that are out there, sift through the thousands of articles on offer and bring you 25 stories that are worth your attention.

These are never breaking news stories, but rather some of the deepest thinkers and smartest minds from the world of technology and social media, offering their thoughts and views regarding the biggest stories of the week.

You won't make it through them all in one sitting, but it'll bring you up to speed with this week's happenings. So just sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.

- No, Facebook does not have 63.5 million active users in China.

- A letter from Tim Cook on Apple Maps.

- The primetimeness of Apple's Passbook.

- Not all traffic is created equal.

- With smartphone deals, patents become a new asset class.

- Instagram beats Twitter in daily mobile users for the first time, data says


- Ripping off the bloody band-aid.

- Sorry, Apple fans: The Google/Motorola fake address 'scandal' is no scandal at all.

- Twitter co-founder suggests a replacement for the follower count.

- Q&A with the CEO of Klout, Microsoft's latest big investment.

- A deep dive into Facebook and Datalogix: What's actually getting shared and how you can opt out.

- Introducing Endorsements: Give kudos with just one click on LinkedIn.

- Revenge of the nerds, the sequel: Silicon Valley wallflowers now hot.

- Will TV be Apple's undoing?

- Inside story: How Facebook decided to go native on iOS.

- 140 characters of risk: Some CEOs fear Twitter


- Why Gifts is good medicine for Facebook's financial future.

- What's it like to go viral on YouTube for the first time? A chat with Ian Bennett.

- Why the New York Times Story 'Power, Pollution, And The Internet' is a sloppy failure.

- Microsoft responds to the NYTimes' data center article, gently pointing out why it's off key.

- Can TV go social without being ruined?

- Apple Maps: Damned if you do, googled if you don't.

- On the timing of Apple's map switch.

- Google's new field trip: Virtually augmenting the awesomeness of reality.

- Is Kickstarter bound to stop kickstarting?

Bonus Content

Some of our guides and features that you may have missed earlier this week including our three-part job hunting series.

- What Ryanair's redesigned web presence could look like


- Facebook marketing for small businesses - 25 essential tips that will boost your page.

- The job roles you should be hiring for.

- 50 guerrilla marketing campaigns that dared to be different.

- The first four Apple iPhone 5 video ads revealed.

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