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20 Ways To Protect Your Devices From Yourself

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When you own one or many devices, sometimes the greatest threat to them can be ourselves. Our devices are becoming more powerful, smaller, sleeker and more versatile yet one moment of carelessness can see it get damaged or ruined beyond repair. And the damage doesn't have to be physical, a improvised call or text message, or status update can be embarrassing if you've consumed alcohol and your judgement has been impaired. Sadly no device is invincible or foolproof, but there are ways to get around it. Here are a few suggestions:


Laptop Cases

Laptops get into the wars very easily. Much of our daily lives revolve around them and the information and data they carry is vital, meaning that they would be difficult or expensive to replace. To put your mind at ease when it comes to laptop-related mishaps, it would be wise to invest in a laptop case to give your laptop the protection it needs at home, at work and out and about. A case would give it a protective shell that gives you peace of mind and they, of course, come in a wide range of designs, so you can add a hint of personality to it. offers some cool suggestions like the Booq Vyper M3 for laptop bags and cases that you can buy


Mail Goggles by Google

Google has taken a playful path to blocking you from sending embarrassing texts. In fact, using Mail Goggles may make it seem as if the search giant is toying with drunk users. In order to text a certain someone, you must complete a series of maths and arithmetic questions. Doing so will test whether your brain function is of a sufficient, non-intoxicated standard. Fun and quirky, sure to send users into a juvenile rage.

Time Machine

If for whatever reason you end up losing files or installing something that compromises your files, most antivirus services like Norton by Symantec

and operating systems such as Apple Mac have a Time Machine feature, which creates a backup file of all your computer's settings. It's better if you save said files on an external hard drive on the off chance that something compromises your entire computer.

Cloud Computing

Since there's so many free tools out there, you have no excuse to not back up your files online. There are many great sites like DropBox, Google Drive and EverNote which will help you back up or save files that will come in handy later down the line.


Because we have so many accounts, it's incredibly tempting to be lazy and just use the same password for all our accounts. This is dangerous as it means that if someone gains access to your email for example, they have access to your entire online data. 1Password solves this problem

by letting you save your passwords into a digital vault. Simply enter in your master password and you will have access to all your different passwords.

Untangle Cables

Wires are hazardous enough without the inevitable mess they create when they are all lumped together behind a media centre or desktop computer. Maybe invest in cable tie, Coaxial cable nails/clips or Command Brand hangers to keep them all delineated as well as to make it easier figuring out which leads to which device.

It may also be an idea to give them all name tags; it may sound like a patronising idea, but it would definitely save you a few minutes (or hours) down the road. Also, if your USB wires keep getting tangled, you should try Cordies

 (pictured below) which will keep them neat and manageable.

Smartphone & Tablets


Getting your brand new smartphone wet is a nightmare that nobody ever wants to contemplate. Liquipel uses all kinds of jargon including watersafe nano-coating to set your mind at ease, so that puddles and impromptu water fights don't seem as scary anymore. Basically, your vacuum-packed phone will be immune to the horrors of H20.

ClearPro Ultra

ClearPro Ultra

presents an easy DIY solution to protecting your smartphones screen. You can simply 'install' it at home by applying water and a hint of soap to the protective film before layering it onto your phone with the help of a credit or debit card to press out any air bubbles and excess liquid. Simple and cheap, should sooth anxiety over your precious smartphone's screen - no worries about chips and scratches.


You've bought your phone for its sleek, drool-inducing design, its easy functionality and unfathomable lightness, so why no immeasurably compromises all those wonderful attributes with a big, chunky protective casing, which will make fitting your phone into your pocket an unenviable chore. With Lifeproof casings, your iPhone is now, um, lifeproof, but it gets the job done. Emphatically.

iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry Protective Covers

The four most popular smartphone brands/operating systems are worthy of your protection. You've invested enough in the latest technology, god knows you're going to want to safeguard it from yourself. Again, the range of cases on the market is breathtaking and you can find them at any reputable retailing source, be in online or in the real world. Whether you're going more for aesthetics or security, you're bound to find the right one for you very easily. Here are some cover suggestions for iPhone 4 & 4S, Android, Nokia Lumia and Blackberry.

Tablet Cases

Tablets, as the latest and greatest thing on the tech market, are probably even more worthy of your protection that your old laptop. Fortunately, tablet cases come in a wide range of designs and are easily found, whether you own an iPad, a Nexus, a Galaxy Note or any other tablet that is fresh on the market.

Belkin has been the first to adapt and offer a vast range of cases that can also double as stands, so they are practical in multiple ways, but there are plenty of such products at major stores worldwide and online. Also, CNET has compiled a list of the best covers for both the iPad and the Kindle Fire for those looking for the extra protection.

Smartphone Straps

If you're one of those people who constantly drops your phone whenever you're holding it, and hate the embarrassing task of picking it up from the ground, consider getting this iPhone case

which has a handy strap, so dropping it becomes a thing of the past.

Headphone Wires

While we're on the subject of tangled wires, tangled headphones is just as bad, especially if you they get tangled with other items. Lifehacker posted a really handy way of tying up your headphones so that your headphones always stay in place.



Textalyzer measures your blood-alcohol content, much as a breathalyser would, before deciding to whether to allow you to text certain people. It only works through the app, so you can still text your no-go people normally or via Facebook or via Twitter. Deeply flawed, though effective if you show incredible self-restraint when drunk, rendering this app pointless anyway.

Ex-Lover Blocker

Again, this is an app that tries its best to prevent you from doing something you'll regret later, but is probably easily circumventable. Ex-Love Blocker will give you a list of reasons not to call your ex and even alert your friends to your plight by either texting them or putting it up on Facebook. Certainly has the right idea, but far from unavoidable.

Smartphone Sobriety Test

Internet security firm Webroot created this tool as a way of promote its services, but as a tool, many people may find it useful. The Soberity Test is available for both iPhone and Android. It prevents you from accessing certain sites and sees if you're sober by testing your motor skills. If you fail, it will block you from them and will offer you a list of cab companies to contact or hotels to stay in if it deems you to be drunk.

Contact Blockers

There are many apps out there that will help you block contacts. One of the better ones is Don't Dial for iPhone

, which lets you hide certain contacts so you don't end up drunk dialling them at 3am after a night out. This costs $0.99 (€0.79) which may be a small price to pay if it helps you avoid future embarrassment. For Android users, there's Drunk Text Blocker, which is free and does exactly what the name suggests.

Social Media

Social Media Soberity Test

Webroot seem to be a fan of protecting devices against their users and another app from them. This time, it's to protect people from posting on their social media profiles while drunk. To prevent users from posting things while they're drunk, the sobriety test gives them five different tests to pass. Simply set the time and sites you want to stop yourself posting on and Webroot will work its magic.

Social Fortress

Startup Social Fortress

 is taking a different approach to internet security. Instead of preventing you from posting to a person, it makes sure that no matter how you communicate, be it through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email, your data cannot be seen by anyone except those you're communicating with. Essentially it adds an extra layer of security to your social media profiles and while it won't prevent you from sending drunk posts or updates, it will greatly reduce the number of people that will see it.

And if all else fails...

If the above doesn't help solve any of your problems, maybe you should just distance yourself entirely from all electronic devices. If you're still making the same mistakes after taking precautions, it might be for the best.

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