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10 Great Talks From Social Media's Biggest Founders

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With companies like Apple, Facebook and Twitter recording record numbers and dominating the online world, it's easy to forget that these companies are still quite young and had very humble beginnings. Since there are so many great interviews and discussions out there, we rounded up a number of interviews featuring those responsible for starting up some of the biggest tech companies out there. Some are quite long so you won't be sitting through all of these in one go, but all are well worth watching.

Kevin Systrom

Company: Instagram

At the beginning of the year, Systrom spoke to Kevin Rose in a lengthy and insightful interview explaining how the site was founded, the idea behind it and where he felt the company was heading.

Jack Dorsey

Company: Square & Twitter

Now with Square, Jack Dorsey speaks to Charlie Rose about how Twitter's creation was inspired by his fascination of cities and the desire to visualise them. In the same interview, Dorsey also talks about how its latest venture Square started off.

David Karp

Company: Tumblr

Karp talks to TechCrunch about how he wanted to bring creativity into blogging and focus on creative expression. Also, he wasn't really interested in writing which helped decide the direction Tumblr was going to take.

Ben Silbermann

Company: Pinterest

At the Startup Grind Silicon Valley, Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann talks about how the company got started back in 2009 and how success doesn't come instantly.

Elon Musk

Company: PayPal

Probably one of the humblest founders out there, South-African born Musk goes into great detail about his background, how he got into the technology business and the many, many things he learnt during his time with Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

Dennis Crowley

Company: Foursquare

Another Kevin Rose interview, this time he talks to Foursquare CEO and founder, Dennis Crowley about his background, how he got started and how to approach building your own startup.

Joe Gebbia

Company: Airbnb

Talking at the PSFK conference in New York, Joe Gebbia gives a fantastic talk framed around his moleskin, where a simple sketch in his book turned into a fully fledged business,

Chad Hurley & Steve Chen

Company: YouTube

While Jawed Karim isn't around to give his account, this snippet from a Charlie Rose interview back in 2006 shows YouTube's humble beginnings from a quirky idea to the behemoth it is today. Little did they know just how big it would become over the next few years.

Dave Morin

Company: Path

While not strictly about Path, Morin talks about the elements that are required to create a startup and get it up and running. As with all social networks, he talks about the core values of the app, and how his team incorporate personality and beauty into their work.

Larry Page & Sergey Brin

Company: Google

The video may be to help promote their alma mater, but that doesn't make this video any less important. Page and Brin talk about how they became friends, what inspires them, and how the world's biggest search engine was born out of a crazy idea.

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