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Twitter opens office in Ireland, but you still can't advertise over here...

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The IDA has announced this morning, that Twitter are expanding their operations by basing their international office in Dublin. Twitter have not yet confirmed this themselves, so news on how many jobs will be available is still unkown. They are not alone in their decision to locate in Ireland, as they join many others setting up European or international headquarters over here, including Facebook, Google & Zynga. The move by Twitter is certainly positive as it will bring with it many jobs, but if Ireland is so important to Twitter as its base for their growing UK presence, why are they not focusing advertising efforts in the same way?

Focus on the UK

Rather ironically, and somewhat offensively for businesses in Ireland, Twitter have only just announced a huge UK advertising push, rolling out promotions with a number of advertisers, starting with a Promoted Trends campaign for Glee. Advertisers included in the promotion roll-out include BT, Electronic Arts, Eurostar and Paramount Pictures.

This looks like pretty poor timing on Twitter's behalf. At almost exactly the same time they decide to celebrate their international growth by opening an office in Ireland, they decide to focus their promotional efforts in the UK. No prizes for guessing which market they see as a growth opportunity and which one offers a tax haven.

Bad Timing

As if the advertising efforts weren't enough, Twitter just last weekend launched a brand new UK focused blog and Twitter account, to keep people up to date with Twitter news specifically related to the UK.

If Twitter really are serious about 'basing' their international operations here, then they can outdo their tech counterparts based in Ireland, by offering businesses located here the same privileges that other markets get to take advantage of. The announcement of rolling out promoted trends in Europe last week should have started with a dedicated Irish promotion, which would have been a nice way to open up business here. Let's hope Twitter show they're serious about focusing on Ireland soon...

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