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The most comprehensive twitter app list you'll ever need

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Twitter has become a remarkably diverse tool; what used to be text based has evolved into something greater, incorporating multimedia, links and info far beyond what was originally intended thanks to the creativity of programmers and the twitter community. But with so many new apps already available and more being released by the day, trying to discover what  useful and what isn't is time consuming.

Therefore, we've compiled a list containing over 80 different twitter apps and tools for you to use. Whether you use Twitter for personal or professional purposes, all the apps below will help improve your experience with the micro-blogging site. Ranging from mobile to business to analytics, there will certainly be an app below that you'll find useful.

Third-party apps

Tweetdeck - One of the most popular Twitter apps. Allows you to view multiple feeds

Hootsuite - An all in one dashboard, allows you to create twitter reports and to track results

Twimbow - Organises your friends through colour, making it easier to distinguish tweets

Digitweet - Similar to Tweetdeck but with a cleaner and more straightforward interface

Silver Bird - Multimedia Twitter Extension for Google Chrome

Fibertweet: Browser extension available for IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome  (h/t Mark Nitin)

Twinbox: Integrates Twitter into Microsoft Outlook letting you handle all communications from the one place (h/t Suzanne Adnams)

Shorten and Lengthen tweets

Tweetshrink - Replaces phrases or words in your tweet to make your tweet shorter and allow more space

Twitlonger - For when 140 characters just isn't enough

Twitter Chats

Nurph - Allows you to have chats on Twitter

Grouptweet - Lets you communicate to groups privately through Twitter

Tweetboard - Pulls your twitter stream into realtime and reformats them into threaded conversations

Tweetchat - Converse with other tweeter through hashtags

Twitblend - Create and share conversations on Twitter

Twitter analytics and info

The Archivist - Analyses and archives tweets so that you can analyse trends

Twoolr - Allows comprehensive analysis of your twitter account, looking at growth and interactions

Hashtracking - Gives you reports and analysis for any hashtag on Twitter

Twittercounter - Gives you a clear overview and graph of your Twitter stats

Tweetstats - Graphs your twitter stats including tweets per hour and reply statistics

Twitsprout - Compiles all your twitter data into the one page

Twittearth - Displays location of tweets through a visualisation of a globe

TwentyFeet: Give you overview and shows key performance of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other accounts. (h/t Paul Herwarth v. B.)


TwileShare - Upload and Share files on twittere - Allows you to publish your blog feeds to twitter, Facebook and other sites

WhoTweetedMe - Shows exactly who has tweeted your link and the most influential tweeters who did so

Following and unfollowing

Qwitter - Will mail you whenever someone decides to unfollow you

Just tweet it! - Helps you find other like-minded twitter users to connect with

Manageflitter - Twitter account manager that lets you see which of your followers is active or inactive

Mentionmap - Gives you follower suggestions through using visual maps

Tweetadder - Find like-minded twitter followers and automate twitter posts

Wefollow - Twitter directory giving you suggestions as to who you should follow

UnTweeps - Lets you unfollow users who don't tweet

Twitblocker - Gets rid of any followers that are spam accounts - Tracks the most popular users on Twitter

Friend or Follow - Lets you see who doesn't follow you back or vice versa on Twitter

Twitoria - Shows you how many twitter friends you're actually following, giving inactive users the boot

DoesFollow - See if one of your friends follows someone else

twitSweeper: Regularly checks your account and gets rid of any spam (tweets, messages and followers) (h/t Doug)


Filters & Organisation

Proxlet - Lets you mute users and filter tags and block apps on Twitter

Tweepi - Manage your account by getting rid of inactive followers and finding other twitter accounts

Nearbytweets - Shows you who's tweeting from your local area

Tweetadder - Find like-minded twitter followers and automate twitter posts

Formulists - Organise Twitter into clear, auto-updating Twitter lists Filters all unnecessary updates from your feed and prioritises important tweets (h/t Aaron Longnion)

Update Feeds

Feedlooks - Check your twitter feed in your RSS reader

Twitterfeed - Feed your blog onto twitter via RSS feed

Twitterfall - Helps you find popular trends which stream directly to your account

Twitturly - Gives you the top twitter links in real time


Timely - Lets you schedule and publish tweets when they'll have the highest impact

Buffer – Spreads out your tweets and allows you to post tweets at optimal times

Twuffer - Compiles a list of future tweets and lets you schedule them

SocialOomph - Lets you schedule tweets, extend twitter profiles and save and reuse drafts

Trends & Lists

Tweetcloud - Quickly see what's being said across Twitter

Tweetree - Puts your twitter stream into a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context - Manage the way you handle relationships on Twitter

Keepstream - Organises your tweets into collections for you to refer to later

Strawberry Jam - Trends the links in your social timeline

Twittearth - Displays location of tweets through a visualisation of a globe


Twitpic - Posts pictures up on the Twitter site

Twtpoll - Creates simple polls to expansive surveys on Twitter

63squares - Lets you create polls, organise events and create social media promotions

Twittercal - Connects your Twitter account to your Google Calender

TwitterCard - Create a twitter business card with your tweet, profile picture and bio

he most comprehensive twitter app list you'll ever need

Business and transactions

Birdherd - Makes it easy for groups, teams and brands to update a single Twitter account

twtQpon - Creates coupons for businesses and lets you share them online

Twitpay - Allows you to make transactions through Twitter

Tweet what you spend - Enter transactions through your mobile on twitter to keep track of your spending

Twibs - Shows you the list of different businesses on Twitter

Rapportive - Shows you info about your contacts through your inbox

Search engines

Twitter Search -  The search engine practised by Twitter themselves

Twitscoop - Lets you search and follow subjects on twitter in real time Allows you to search any key words on Twitter and shows you trending links  (h/t Arne van Elk)

Mobile apps

Osfoora - Twitter for iPhone and iPad with numerous multimedia features

Hahlo - Twitter client for iPhone

TinyTwitter - Allows any Java enabled phone that allows you to update outside of SMS

Openbeak -  Twitter client for Blackberry

twitxr - Share pictures and status updates from any mobile

UberSocial - Available for all smartphones, allows user-friendly experience with customisable themes

Tweetcaster: Diverse mobile app for all mobile platforms (h/t Charny Schwartz)



What's my twitter account worth? - Measures the worth of your twitter account in dollars

Remember the milk - Tweets you reminders about any tasks you need to do

Twittonary - Provides a dictionary filled with commonly and uncommonly used tweeting terms

TwitRand - Randomly selects people following your or people you're following, handy if you're holding a twitter raffle

Twitter Grader - Ranks your twitter account

Tweetwasters - See how much time you actually spend on Twitter

Tweriod - Find out when your twitter followers are online the most

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