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Google Analytics Will Now Measure Social Media And Real-time Changes

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In a move that will become very popular with businesses and those who obsess about hits on an hourly basis, Google will be introducing a number of new features to its analytics services, mainly the inclusion of real time data. Announcing the changes on their blog, the service currently analyses past performances but these new introduction will allow users to see and record updates as they happen.

One of the main features is that the reports measure the influence of social media outlets, seeing how much traffic is generated from these sites once a tweet or facebook update is published. The arrival of such a service will be handy for businesses as it will let them see how many people engage with their site and how popular their content is. It will also allow users to see what areas aren't doing well and adjust their approach to social media accordingly.

The real-time version of analytics will be rolled out to users over the coming weeks with some already gaining access to it already. Those who don't have it but are eager to have it before everyone else can sign up for the service.


Another change relating to Google Analytics is the introduction of an new premium version for businesses and companies. Currently available for a fixed annual fee in the US, the UK and Canada, the service will allow users a more advanced set of tools than what is currently available, extra processing power that increases the capacity for data collection and access to their support services.

Google state that the pilot phase for their premium service had been developed in association with services such as online boutique store Gucci,  Credit report site TransUnion and online dating site eHarmony among others to develop and improve their new service. The hope is that the new premium services will help these companies improve their online marketing services and in turn, will convince other businesses to upgrade their service.

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