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Discuss Ebooks As They Unfold In Real Time With Kobo Pulse

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As part of last week's F8 conference, ebook retailer Kobo has introduced a new feature to its app allowing you to read ebook and converse with friends in real-time.  Readers connected through the app can discuss and talk about passages that they just read or the book as a whole, discussing the story as it unfolds.

The pulse in question can be found at the bottom of the page you're reading, if you're reading through a boring section then the pulse is faint but if you're reading pages where the novel begins to hit its stride, then the pulse increases in size.

If you want to join in the conversation, all you need to do is tap on the pulse and a list of readers will pop up above for you to view. However, if this feature annoys you there is an option to turn it off.

Alongside their other feature, Reading life which  compiled your reading activity into a series of graphs and charts, Pulse is also integrated with Facebook so you can share what you're reading.

Alongside Reading life which they introduced last year, Pulse is also integrated with Facebook so you can share what you're reading or your favourite passages through your Facebook feed.

According to Kobo, there's over five million Kobo readers around the world and over 2.5 million eBooks, magazines and newspapers in the service alone So there will already be enough content and people to connect to.

Whether this will catch on is dependent on what type of reader you are, personally I view reading as a solitary pursuit and taking the time to comment might break up the reading flow especially if you get sucked into a discussion. But these concerns are minor and can be ignored or turned off if the reader wishes.

However, provided other readers are willing to share their thoughts as a story unfolds, the app will find an audience  and taps into that joy of discussing stories, similar to you talking with your friends about  a tv show or film plot after you've seen it.

Kobo Pulse will be available to download worldwide for iPad and iPhone soon with an  Android version also planned.

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