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Carlsberg Pull Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Stunt In Cinema

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Beer adverts usually follow the same storyline about who has the coldest chilling system, the best sports offers or the hottest models but a new campaign from Carlsberg is highly original and features a night out at the cinema. It's a guerrilla campaign that is secretly filmed and features a cinema full of burly scary looking men with the only 2 seats in the place being sold to unsuspecting couples. As you'll see from the video below most of the people who walk in pick up on the intimidating atmosphere and leave immediately rather than taking the last 2 seats in the theater.

I won't ruin the end of the video for you but it is really marvelous advertising that is sure to put a huge smile on your face. The video already has 800,000 views in the couple of days since it has launched and I have a feeling it is going to turn in to a massive online viral hit for Carlsberg. Why can't all beer companies be this original?

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