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50 Social Media Case Studies Worth Bookmarking

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As social media evolves as sector we are starting to see some great case studies emerge around the world and we wanted to pick 50 of the best and share them here for you to enjoy. We've focused in on the big social media areas of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, mobile and Blogging so as you can drill down in to the area that suits you best. There is a good mixture here of case studies for both smaller businesses and large brands so sit back and start reading and learning from these 50 great social media case studies...


Bit of a bonus here as Jeff Bulvas shares 5 innovative Twitter case studies

Reaching Millions With Twitter: The Whole Foods Story

How Intuit uses Twitter

Twitter Drives Traffic, Sales: A Case Study

Spend a day with Comcast's Twitter man to see how it is done

Volkswagen in Brazil use Twitter to build huge buzz around car launch

A Twitter case study for those interested in the wine industry and driving people to shops

Paramount Pictures are profiled by Twitter themselves and you can click through lots of case studies from here

Kyle Lacy is somebody who knows Twitter inside out and he shares 25 great brands using it well

This video is actually produced by Twitter themselves and shows how certain television stations have used Twitter effectively...


One of the biggest and most imaginative Facebook campaigns ever...Infinity

Wurst-Face-App for Facebook draws faces on food

Coca Cola uses Facebook face recognition technology in the real world

A really cute campaign featuring dogs with superb results

Facebook Advertising Case Study: Clorox Green Works

CASE STUDY: Great Facebook Marketing Strategy from

The Inside Scoop on How Intel Manages Its Facebook Page

Brands 'Like' Facebook Ads: 3 Case Studies

Facebook Marketing ROI: 3 Case Studies

The video features some of the things that work for Nike on Facebook and if they are sharing that information you should probably listen...


ROI of Business Blogging is not a Myth. Reviewing Forrester's "Calculating The ROI Of Blogging”

A case study of what IBM gets out of blogging

The ABC's of Corporate Blogging, presented by Ivy Li & Tyler Reed

A case study showing how 6 brands are effectively using blogs

FT ComMetrics Global 500 blogs case study: Beck's beer

3 Winning Examples of B2B Blogs Done Right

A Case Study of Micro-Blogging for Learning at Qualcomm

Niche Blogging Case Study – Ramping Up A New Blog From Scratch

Not so much a case study but a Wiki featuring the Fortune 500 companies with blogs including reviews

A look at some of the thinking behind the corporate blog of Daimler in Germany as seen by Edelman the team who instigated the blog


Gillette a YouTube case Study

Domino's loses 10% of its value in one week

This video does have a little bit of a sales focus at times but worth watching for the facts and figures

T-Mobile - Dance about how the video started to grow thanks to unruly media

Old Spice campaign case study

Social Media Case Study – Blendtec and YouTube

Social Media Case Study: LEGO CLICK

Viral Marketing: Weezer Gets it Right

Cloverfield may not have been a great movie but the campaign that was mostly seeded on Youtube was and this shows how it was done..


Chevy Case Study: Using Mobile, Location and QR Codes to Inspire Brand Engagement

Short video that has some excellent research and stats about the entire industry

The Convenience Quotient Of Mobile Services: A Facebook Case Study (Paid)

Kraft's Mobile Branding Recipe

This video was made by Google themselves but it happens to contain some great stats and explains where the mobile industry is headed...


How I Was Wrong About LinkedIn (with 2 Mini Case Studies)

20 LinkedIn Case Studies and Examples for Professionals

Using Linkedin for lead generation

Small Business "Success Studies" Using LinkedIn

This was a smart campaign on Linkedin which you can read more about here and used the API to get some great results.

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