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Using Slideshare And 5 Great Social Media Presentations

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Presentations have long been a key tool in business with hundreds of people watching one person giving it on a stage at a conference venue but social media is helping to change all of that. I now get presentations from all over the world thanks to Slideshare and can watch videos of people giving the presentations over Ustream without ever leaving the comfort of my own home.

Slideshare is also a great way of  getting your presentations out there and spreading the word about either yourself or your brand as the site features easy ways for you to embed the presentations, share on Twitter and Facebook and to share them with your friends by email. It used to be that your presentations, no matter how good, would only ever get seen by the handful of people in the room but that has all changed. So basically you can either use Slideshare to read great content and get great presentations to further enhance your knowledge of a certain subject or you can upload your content and share it with the world by embedding it to your blog or Linkedin or sharing on Twitter or Facebook to share your knowledge with the world.

Some Handy Slideshare Tips

1.Here is a little video with some tips on how to create the ultimate slides

2.Embed the presentations that you give into your blog or website using Slideshare so as users have somewhere to find your content after the presentation itself. This will save you the hassle of sending around powerpoint presentations by email.

3.Add your presentations to your Linkedin profile as people from your field of business will be interested in seeing your thoughts and may share your presentation further.

4.Make sure to add all your contact details on one of the first slides as not everybody will flick all the way through to the end slide. The presentation may be embedded in another person's website at this stage so it is important that people are able to find you easily.

5.Make sure to spend time tagging your slides correctly as this will help you to show up in the relevant search results and help even more people find your content.

And here are some of the best social media slides that we have come across when using slideshare in the past...

Social Media: It's Not What You Say That Matters

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What The F**K is Social Media?

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How Obama Won Using Digital and Social Media

View more presentations from James Burnes.

Social Media: Evolution to Execution

View more presentations from Herb Sawyer.

Designing Sustainable Conversations Through Social Media

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