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Top 10 Sites For Finding Internet Statistics

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The internet is always moving at a hundred miles an hour and it can be tough to find the right sort of information that you are after especially when it comes to good accurate statistics. With that in mind we decided to compile a list containing some of the best statistics on the web.We constantly need to back up presentations and reports with wider statistics around social media usage and user behaviour. Most of the services that we have included are free although several have premium levels that include more advanced results and a couple are fully paid services as their data is far more advanced and appeals to brands and agencies. So here are our top 10 sites to find the latest internet stats...

Internet World Stats

Not the prettiest of sites, but it does provide a comprehensive breakdown of internet usage worldwide, including the number of internet users and percentage population penetration.

Internet world stats


Though you have to pay to download the report (which is free to Econsultancy members) ,we thought it was too good to miss out. The report gives detailed statistics into a wide range of sectors and is produced each month. The report covers a wide range of areas including paid search, mobile, social media and email marketing.

E consultancy Stats

Social Media Statistics

This site was developed by social media extraordinaire Helen Lawrence Designed to provide statistics on social networks, including registered users and average time spent on sites, the beauty of this is that it's a collaborative project. As it's a wiki, anyone can edit the site and update or add new statistics.

Social Media Statistics


The Hitwise Data Center gives internet stats broken down by industry. Statistics covered include top search terms and top sites by industry, including retail, travel and finance.



Clickz stats supplies an overview of web stats slanted towards search and advertising. The stats are fairly comprehensive and updated each month, providing a wide range of facts and figures that can be nicely worked into client presentations and business plans.



Again, a paid for solution, Nielsen provides the most comprehensive market research, covering both traditional and digital media. The reports are certainly comprehensive and give high level insight into consumer activity.

Nielsen Internet Statistics


Great way of finding out general data on some of the bigger sites. Quantcast does a pretty good job of getting data from some sites but it really comes into it's own when sites have been directly measured which means the sites will have placed a piece of code within their site to measure traffic. A surprisingly large amount of sites do this which means that you can grab some great data and it also allows for some nifty data like embedding the data into your site to display to users.


Google Insights

This is a nice simple tool that allows you to track trends for search terms over periods of time. You can filter results by time, country and search type (i.e. web, image, news). The tool also shows you top related searches and emerging search terms

Google Insights

Google Internet Stats

This is a fairly new site from Google that is slightly angled towards the UK. Topics covered include media consumption, consumer trends and the changing media landscape.

Google Internet stats

Ireland Metrix

Sites need to register in order to be included in this, which should be considered when taking statistics from the site. Statistics provided include page views and unique visits.

Ireland Matrix

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