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Top 10 Great Facebook Fan Pages

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facebook logo slick

Facebook is starting to become somewhere where brands want to spend a lot more time hanging out and engaging with their fans and the best way to do that is through the Facebook fan pages. We have given you some tips on how to set up a great Facebook fan page, the ultimate guide to Facebook and now we wanted to give you some inspiration from some of the brands getting it right on Facebook. These brands have used Facebook to great effect with some innovative campaigns and unique interaction on their pages. Have a little look through the pages and see what ideas you can grab to help you start or improve your own Facebook fan page and become fans of some of these pages so as you can just how good the interaction is first hand....

Coca Cola

We will ignore the tons of great features that Coca Cola have on the page and the great interaction through user generated content and focus instead on the unique way in which the page cam about to show off Coca Cola's smart thinking.... The page was originally started by 2 fans unofficially before Coke even had a presence on Facebook. Instead of taking the page down Coke gave the users the power to run the page for them, invited them to the Coke factory and showed them around and allowed them to take pictures. The 2 fans are still heavily involved in the running of the Facebook page.

Coca Cola Facebook Fan Page

The Hangover

One of the best movies of recent times didn't limit their marketing to traditional channels and created things like their slick hangover photo app which allowed users to take photos and skin them with the hangover branding and send them to friends through Facebook. The page also features the usual snippets from the movie, photos and allows you to tell them what sort of hangover you have today. Simple but fun.

The Hangover Facebook

Red Bull

One of the best branded companies in the world are at it on Facebook too. You can follow what their team of sponsored athletes are up to through the page (and Twitter) as well as being able to interact with them. There is tons of exclusive footage from behind the scenes and you get to see all the events that they sponsor around the world as well as being able to play with some of the little Facebook apps they have built.

Red Bull


The Disney page is visually stunning and doesn't disappoint on functionality either. The page features an 'Exclusives' tab, where you can buy tickets to exclusive screenings from within the page (leads through to Paypal). The page is regularly updated with images, video and gossip from screenings. Fans are interacting regularly too - there are currently over 3,000 fans' pictures on the page.

Disney Facebook Fan Page

Ben And Jerrys

The Ben & Jerry's wall isn't updated very frequently, which is a shame as their last update received 568 comments and 3,216 'likes'.The page does feature ingenious apps, such as the 'flipped out' app, where you can flip any text you want (in honour of their new flipped out range), details of Ben & Jerry's events and regular polls on how you like your ice cream.

Ben And Jerrys


Oxfam have utilised positive calls to action throughout the page, driving donations, pledges and calls to find out more about particular causes. They've added plenty of multimedia content to the page, including games and animations that really help to bring the brand alive. They also have a tab for the Oxfam shop, with sales, featured products and the Oxfam shop finder.

Oxfam UK Facebook fan page

Manchester United

One of the biggest football clubs in the world has lots of interaction on this Fan page including photos of all the action and their players, lively discussion boards where player's futures and performances are discussed and some fun little polls around the club. You also have the ability to talk directly to the club by sending them an email, the page pulls in RSS feeds from some official blogs and last but not least listen to some of there fan songs.

Manchester United Facebook


One of the biggest bands in the world were fairly late to embrace social media but when they did they have come in with all guns blazing. This is our favorite of the bunch as it includes the ability to do lots of funky stuff like get ringtones, get exclusive backstage footage from the band's concerts, the ability to listen to their music from within the page and lots of interaction around going to the actual gigs and some fun little quizzes.

U2 Facebook

Ashton Kutcher

The Ashton Kutcher page is regularly updated with short video posts that enhance the page and users also have the chance to join him on a live webcast within Facebook, through the 'Ashton Live' tab. The webcasts feature live streams of viewers' status updates, so you can interact with other fans. This is a great way to encourage interaction on the page and encourages repeat visits as you can RSVP for the next screening of the webcast.

Ashton Kutcher

Benefit Cosmetics

Though it doesn't quite have the kitsch style that the brand is well known for, the Benefit brand have recognised the importance of adding functionality to their page, and encouraging viral spread of content. They currently have a competition to win a Benefit beauty bash, where you have to tag friends in pictures as your 'Best Benefit Girls'. They also regularly interact on the wall, releasing teasers and new product information, which keep a healthy conversation going on the page.

Benefit cosmetics


Christian just pointed out another great example so we thought we would add it in (being Irish and all)


Guinness are having a huge marketing campaign around Arthur's day and have built this amazing page which features lots of interaction including a petition to make Arthur's day a public holiday and the ability to give your friends a virtual gift of a pint of the creamy black stuff.

Guinness Day facebook

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