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The ultimate guide to Wordpress

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The blogging platform that we nearly always advise people to go with is Wordpress as it has so many different great features, plugins and simple tools to tailor it to your every need. With that in mind we decided to bring together this huge list of tips and tricks for Wordpress that will help you get started if you are a beginner or help you tinker your blog to perfection if you are a little further down the track. Whatever your needs are you can be pretty sure that there is a Wordpress solution out there so there really is no excuse now to go out there and get your blog started!

The Basics of wordpress


1.Some simple tips from Wordpress themselves

2.9 simple steps to starting your blog

3.How to host your own Wordpress blog

4.Choose a nice theme for your Wordpress blog

5.How to install Wordpress on your own server

6.30 Wordpress video Tutorials

7.How to add video to your Wordpress blog

8.Wordpress forums and support

9.Installing Google Analytics on your blog

10.50 Tips To UnClutter Your Blog

SEO Tips for Wordpress

1.Use the wordpress all in one SEO pack

2.Tips for optimising title tags

3.Optimising your images for SEO

4.Permalinks explained

5.SEO tips for Wordpress

6.Optimising category names

7.Online copywriting tips

8.Pingbacks explained

9.Video tutorial - using the wordpress plugin

10.Ten SEO tips

Some great Wordpress design tips

Wordpress Design

2.100 free Wordpress themes

3.How to add a favicon

4.Wordpress threaded comments - the easy way

5.Using images in your post

6.Basic site usability tips - video

7. 10 blog design tips

8.Using Wordpress widgets

9.Premium Wordpress themes

10. Do a 5 second test on your site design

Wordpress Extras

1.Adding RSS feeds

2.Using your API key

3.Setting up a new author

4.How to write a simple wordpress plugin

5.Using wordpress to grow your business

6.Scheduling posts

7.Mastering Wordpress shortcodes

8.50 ways to improve your Wordpress blog

9.How to implement Facebook Connect

10.Wordpress community blog

Top 10 Wordpress Plugins

Electric Plug

1.Wordpress database backup

2.Subscribe to comments

3.Block all comment spam

4.5.Plugins to promote your social profiles

5.10 Best Twitter plugins for Wordpress

6.Show top comments

7.Add advanced advertising to your blog

8.Add Podcasting to your blog

9.Add creative commons photos without leaving Wordpress

10.Display your Wordpress Stats

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