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The ultimate guide to LinkedIn

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Many people set up a profile on LinkedIn but don't use it regularly, only returning when prompted by an email telling you someone is looking to connect. There are many great features in LinkedIn that you should be using, whether you're job-hunting, looking for business or simply want to network online.

It's worth investing your time in LinkedIn - as with any social network you need to build up a community and following in order to maximise the benefits to you. Having used LinkedIn regularly, it can seem particularly daunting and the features that make it such a great business tool can be hard to find. We've put together top tips for using LinkedIn that will help you get the most out of the site.

The basics of LinkedIn

Linkedin can take a while to master and even for more advanced users there are some great tips here that you are going to be able to use to expand your network. Take time to fill in your profile correctly and follow the tips below to hit the ground running as fast as possible...

1.Video demonstration of how to set up a personal profile

2.Tips on building up your profile

3.How to find and add contacts

4.Setting up a company profile

5.Finding colleagues on LinkedIn

6.Asking for recommendations

7.Guide to writing recommendations

8.Tips on writing a top profile

9.Optimise your profile for SEO

10.Embedding your profile on a webpage

How to use LinkedIn to find a job

The way that people are looking for jobs has changed dramatically in the last couple of years with the advent of social media and one of the tools that has left recruitment companies and agencies worried the most is Linkedin. Use these tips to get into your profile and start networking if you need employment...

1.Changing your status

2.Avoid these common mistakes

3.Make the most of your email signature

4.Research company profiles

5.Slideshow on LinkedIn job search

6.Using groups to search job postings

7.Create a personal slideshow

8.Use the LinkedIn browser toolbar

9.Handy video on using LinkedIn for your job search

10.Guy Kawasaki's ten tips to using LinkedIn for your job search

Using LinkedIn to promote your business

Linkedin is normally seen as a tool for personal networking but there are also many ways in which you can help promote your own business as a whole and the following tips will give you a quick overview of the best ones to get you started.

Man Business

1.Join groups

2.Create groups

3.Ask & answer questions

4.Use LinkedIn to promote your blog

5.Add a button to your website

6.Customise your URL

7.Build your network

8.Use the discussion feature in groups

9.Increase your network

10.5 Top Tips

Some LinkedIn extras

It can take time to find the little extras that make a really good service into an incredibly useful and amazing service so instead of you having to go and hoke around for them we have gathered up the best of the best here in an easy collection of lists that will give some of the juicy extras that Linkedin has to offer...

1.Video demo of LinkedIn events

2.Run direct ads

3.How to post a job ad

4.How to get the most out of LinkedIn

5.How to export your connections

6.Add video to your profile

7.Install the Outlook toolbar

8.Make your profile public

9.How to send introductions

10.LinkedIn Advanced Tips

Top 10 LinkedIn widgets

Some of the best and most useful features on Linkedin are the widgets that sit on top of the platform itself. Using this selection will mean that you are able to add some great content and interactive tools to your profile and possibly connect with better more relevant people.


1.Blog Link

2.Amazon reading list

3.Company Buzz

4.Slideshare presentations files

6.LinkedIn polls

7.Huddle workspaces

8.My Travel


10.LinkedIn contacts on Facebook

You should be pretty much set to get cracking on Linkedin now with all these tips. Don't forget to share any tips that you might have yourseelf in the comments so as others can learn from your experience.

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