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The Ultimate Guide To Delicious

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The chances are that you will have spotted the logo on the left many times on your travels and you have probably also heard about Delicious but you might not be familiar with what it is and what it does but I am urging you now that you should sit up and start using it. At it's most basic level Delicious is an incredibly simple way of storing your bookmarks online which can then be accessed from any computer once you log in. With most of our working lives revolving around online content Delicious is a ridiculously useful tool but the benefits far exceed simply organizing your own content and we try to explain them here and give you as many resources as possible for you to understand it and start using it yourself.

As always with these sorts of services that people have trouble understanding I think it is always best to start with a video that explains the service and the guys from Common Craft do a great job of explaining Delicious in simple English...

Some of the delicious basics

1.Searching on Delicious

2.The popular stories on Delicious, this is where you want to be

3.Delicious explained on Wikipedia

4.How to use delicious like a pro

5.Some simple ways to get the most out of delicious

Resources for using delicious on your website or blog

1Add Delicious and other social sharing buttons to your site.

2.Add link rolls to your website to show off content that you think is valuable to your readers

3.Get a nifty little delicious widget

4.Wordpress plugin for customizing Delicious on your blog

5.Purpose built delicious pages

Spread the word about great content using Delicious

1.Share links using Twitter and Email

2.5 Tips to get traffic using Delicious

3.Add delicious to Facebook

4.Tips on creating bookmarkable content

5.A Marketers Guide to Delicious

6.2 Part video series on how to get targeted traffic to your site

7.Some easy ways to get listed on Delicious homepage

8.See when users bookmark your site with delicious

9.The several habits of a wildly successful delicious user

10.Become a Delicious power user

Some Delicious Extras

1.Stories with over 50 saves to delicious

2.How to Use Delicious, a simple guide

3.10 great people you should be following on delicious

4.8 Tips for better bookmarking on Delicious

5.How to get more bookmarks and better links

6.3rd Party tools for delicious

7.A selection of great hacks for Delicious

8.Convert Twitter links to Delicious bookmarks automatically

9.Using delicious on your iPhone

10.Be careful what you save!

All in all I think you can see that Delicious is a great tool to use and although it will take a bit of time to get used to it and to get the best out of it you can clearly see that there are some great tips and tricks in this list. Be sure to add any other tips that you have in the comments and get bookmarking today!

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