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The Social Media Numbers Game

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Facebook FansSo I have about 2100 friends on Facebook which recently I have been thinking is a little too much to manage. Now the reason I have that many friends is not because I have lots of friends in real life (I don't) but because I cook on a reasonably popular cooking website

and have appeared on the Dragons' Den in the UK and people just seem to want to be my friend and being the nice person that I am I can't hit the ignore button and accept them all instead. I used to think this was a great thing because I could send out links to my site in my stream and people would click through and I was building an audience. I was wrong.

The whole numbers game on social networking is out of control and people spend hours trying to game the system. People are obsessed with the numbers. They shouldn't be. You only have to look at two very smart social media figures and see how they got sucked in to the numbers game on Twitter. Look at how Loic had to remove all of his followers and Scoble did the same some time later as well. Sure big numbers of followers can help you get a little bit of traffic or some traction on a new product but what do those numbers really mean? Are they really going to help you in business? Is it worth the effort? Not one bit.

I would much prefer to have 100 great passionate followers that I was engaged with daily than 100,000 people who didn't know me personally. To re-enforce this point check out this video from internet legend Seth Godin that explains the issue much better than I ever could....

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