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Spotify Banned In Several European Countries

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Spotify has been making a lot of waves recently and getting a lot of positive press but they have gone and scored a massive own goal this morning and alienated a huge amount of the early adopters in countries around Europe by restricting their access to the service. There is no better way to annoy (the already fickle) user than to offer a free service only to pull it from them once they are starting to rave about it. The service has apparently been pulled with immediate effect in countries that don't run ads alongside the service and users around Europe have been getting the following email this morning...

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This has got to be a serious mistake on Spotify's part as they really are being billed as one of the up and coming cool new services set to make it big and with their recent round of fund raising coming at a 200 million valuation you would think that they would have pockets deep enough to cover the short term loss and not generate the wave of negative publicity that will accompany this move. As you can imagine the blogosphere and Twitter is alight with chatter about this and you just have to ask yourself why would they do something so stupid? Was somebody in Spotify drunk this morning when making this decision to harm their brand for the short term gain?

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