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How To Use New @ Feature on Facebook

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Just this evening Facebook have launched a new system that will allow you to use the @ symbol in nearly the same way as you would on Twitter. Although the feature is only minutes old and seems to be working really well we decided to show you some handy ways in which you can use the service. Here are some interesting facts about the new @ replies on Facebook

How to add the @

To add somebody you can start with the @ symbol and Facebook will start to suggest friends based on the letters you type.

Picture 3

Using the @ for business

The @ button will work for businesses and applications as well as individuals and as you will see below all names are clickable so this is a great way to get the message out about your brand.

Picture 4

All names are clickable

This is where things get really exciting as you can see from the example below as soon as you add a name with the @ symbol is becomes clickable (this also works for brands) and will appear in all news streams like this.

Picture 1

Finding tweets about you

Picture 5

One of the most powerful tools on Twitter is the @mentions of your name but it doesn't appear to be here yet on Facebook. You can however just go to your wall and click on "just friends" to get all your mentions but this is a slightly cumbersome approach and you can expect Facebook to roll something better out pretty soon.. You will also get a notification as soon as any of your friends mention you although we are pretty sure that you will have to turn this off pretty soon due to the huge volume of tweets coming through.

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