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Good And Bad Times To Tweet Out Links

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You know the have a great post that you have been meticulously writing for the last couple of days and you think that it is so amazing that once you tweet it out there is every chance that people will go wild and RT it about a hundred times except when you do tweet the link it goes totally unnoticed. There is however some science to when you tweet your links though and these dos and dont's might just help you get your brilliant link noticed...

Good Times To Tweet

Early in the morning. People tend to open their RSS readers, twitter and online publications before they start real work. With most people starting work at 9 you can expect a good response.

Around Lunchtime. There is usually a bit of a lull at lunchtime in most people's work flow as they start to anticipate a break coming and indeed many people will elect to have their lunch at the desk to check Facebook and Twitter

16.30 Most people will start winding down from this time onwards and might start firing up their twitter client a little more often than usual and reading those interesting links before they head off home.

Stories or events. If you can possibly make your post relate to an event or incident that you know is going to happen tweet your link with the relevant hashtag during the event.

After 9.30 All the kids are in bed and soaps have been watched and people are back in from eating out. Laptops will be fired up and although not as many people are online you will get a lot more click throughs as there won't be as much content about and you have a more dedicated audience.

Bad Times To Tweet

During the commute Anytime between 8 and 9 in the morning or 5 and 7 in the evening is a bit of a disaster as it is the one time that nearly everybody is away from their computer and you tweet will get totally lost by the time peeople get back to their computer.

During Events or meetups If there is a popular event being discussed such as a conference or TV show it doesn't matter how interesting your tweet is as people will just ignore it to or worse still filter it out as they are watching a specific hashtag.

During the night This one doesn't really need further explanation

When Twitter is Down You only get one shot at tweeting your link (unless you have multiple accounts) and as Twitter will be down or going slow at least once a day make sure that the service is still up and running before you impart your little bit of wisdom with the world.

At the weekend This same principle pretty much applies to most thing on the internet including blogging as people leave their connections and head off and do things in the real world.

Ultimately it all boils down to the content and how good your links are if people are going to click on your links but if you follow some of the above pointers you might give yourself a better chance!

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