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10 Industries That The Internet And Social Media Will Revolutionize

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1.Print Media

NewspapersPrint media lived in it's happy little bubble from the time that the printing press

was invented right up until today when newspaper circulation is in decline and the industry is on the emergency operating table trying to find a new revenue stream. Should be fully killed off within the next 5 years and looking for a new permanent home online where it should thrive. Quality journalism will always need a home and that home is on the internet with mobile devices playing an increasingly important role.


It used to be very simple as politicians could control the message and as long as they were friendly with a few journalists they could send out a nice controlled positive message. The rise in social media and digital technology has seen a unsurprising rise in the amount of expense scandals as the whole industry becomes more transparent.


TelevisionWhy would you bother sitting around waiting for your show to appear once a week at a specific time when all the major broadcasters now have their content available online to watch pretty much when you choose? Sites like Hulu

and YouTube also feature more than enough content to keep you happy and the iPhone and other portable devices mean that more TV is being watched on the go than before. Broadcasters are playing around with new ways to engage the audience through social media as they actually watch the shows and when that happens properly the whole game could change again.


Eating out or staying in hotels used to rely on guidebooks, word of mouth and the odd review by a snooty restaurant reviewer but again social media has levelled the playing field. I can now choose from 100s of review sites and within a couple of minutes see what 100s of real paying customers have written about their experience.


Lance ArmstrongAgain this was an area that was very tightly controlled by the media for many a year and we could only get highlights packages but we now get a ringside seat with people like Lance Armstrong

taking us around France with Twitter and video during the Tour De France. A gray area is emerging with services like Twitter as the authorities and broadcasters are trying to clamp down on athletes' use of social media as they have been so used to controlling the message and are scared to death of losing their power. There will have to be a certain amount of control around issues like team selection and tactics etc but for the most part the new way in which we can see sports from the athlete's perspective is exciting for all.


Imagine that only a few years ago you were going in to a shop and physically buying a disk that cost you about 20 Euros (Or $) and you then had to store that at home? With a whole host of services like spotify and iTunes (probably getting a massive update to the cloud as we speak) for us to choose from and the likely hood that music is about to get even more social over the next couple of years we are in for some exciting times!


Linkedin LogoGetting a job was fairly straight forward providing the economy was ticking along nicely in the old days as you either knew somebody who was offering one, applied to an advert in a newspaper or used a recruitment company. The landscape has changed significantly however and now you are won't have a chance unless your social media credentials are impeccable and you use services such as Linkedin

. It is not that you won't get a job if you are not using social media it is just that your chances increase significantly if you use it correctly and in challenging times like these you need every advantage you can get.


Consumers are becoming far more aware of traditional advertising and brands are now having to actively engage their potential customers in increasingly innovative way. Who would have thought that brands like Coca Cola and Ford Motors would have to talk directly to their customers as part of their marketing campaigns and actually listen to what people were saying?

9.Public Relations

This is one of the industries that is slap bang in the middle of one of the biggest upheavals in it's history as they just can't control the message that their clients send out effectively any more. The rules are changing very fast and a lot of people are going to get caught with their trousers down standing in the headlights.


Amazon Logo

I used to walk down to a physical shopping center and buy my clothes but I am now much more likely to buy them online and I will take the advice of friends in choosing where to do so and the chances are they will arrive in a couple of days and be far cheaper than I would pay in the shop beside me. If I have a problem with them chances are I will go online and get some great customer service that will solve my problem in no time! We can expect some very significant changes in the way we shop over the next year with augmented reality and the inevitable social elements of the tools that will be built around those services

All of the above changes are for the better and are only a small list of 10. Change is happening in every business from the smallest corner shop to the biggest corporation and it is all for the good!

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