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When Old & New Media Meet - 20 Innovative Examples

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There is little doubt that we're witnessing a massive shift in media consumption. Old media is under pressure as users migrate to smartphones, tablets and social media. Also, shrinking advertising revenues is a concern as brands seek cheaper and more digitally focused solutions.

There is a sweet spot though where some media organizations and brands are combining traditional media with new tech to create engaging solutions. This combination of old and new media is never going to last forever, but it is great to see some of these forward-thinking examples.


Following the same format as Moosejaw's effort, Wonderbra released a decoder app which allowed smartphone users to 'undress' 21-year-old Slovakian model Adriana Cernanova. The ad was available in print, outdoor and video format.

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Lexus Combine Print Magazine With iPad

The iPad is an interesting as it's starting to offer great solutions for advertisers, but not everybody has one. That is why this ad from Lexus is a brilliant combination of magazine and tablet device.

Dictators QR Codes

How do you convey the message that people are being silenced by brutal dictators? With one of the smartest uses of QR codes, an app and a magazine ad.

Bus Shelter Weighing

Many of us just filter out bus shelter advertising at this stage, but this innovative concept from Fitness First - that weighed people in real-time - would be very hard to ignore.

McDonalds Interactive Billboard

The fast food giant wanted to get more out of a billboard so it turned it into a giant game that users could play using their phone. A perfect blend of old and new media!

Corona Facebook Billboard

Times Square is packed full of advertising and brands competing for attention. To stand out, Corona offered a couple of lucky users the chance to appear on their billboard in real-time via Facebook.

Interactive CD campaign

Canadian funk band Jive Talk created an interactive CD cover with used QR codes and webcams to create online animated videos. Simple but effective!

Interactive IKEA Catalogue

IKEA's catalogue is one of the key elements of its success. Never slow to move with the times, it launched a massively interactive catalogue this year.

Murat Paris Jewellery

Rather than trying to drive people in-store, this brand created an iPhone app that let users try on jewellery. Users could scroll through the various products within the magazine advert.


With AR growing in popularity, Moosejaw ran this campaign - aimed mostly at a male demographic - which let you use your smartphone to see underneath the models' clothing.

Volkswagen Test Drive App

One of the biggest challenges facing car brands is getting people into the showroom. What if that concept was rethought and people could test drive the car within a print advert? That's exactly what Volkswagen did with this innovative app and print ad



Magazine Tweet Stream

Of all the social networks, you would have to say Twitter is the biggest threat to print media. However, one magazine decided to combine the two by embedding an actual stream of live tweets into its publication.

Old Navy New Media Coupons

This campaign aimed to bring one of the oldest forms of driving sales, Coupons, to the five million Facebook likes that Old Navy had. It delivered the traditional discount method in a very innovative way on YouTube.

REI Store

When outdoor adventure store REI launched its first New York store, it needed to convince locals to visit the shop. Therefore, 400 posters were placed around the city, which smartphone users could scan and explore an outdoor scene by moving their phone around 360 degrees.

Tesco Billboard

Blippar popularity as an AR app has been used for many campaigns. This one for Tesco allowed users to scan an advert, either in a newspaper or outdoors, to access store information and download new recipe ideas.

eBay Shop Window

Window shopping isn't done as much any longer since we can research products long before we even reach the store. However, eBay combined QR codes and windows to help encourage charitable donations.

Tesco QR Code Shopping

As people in South Korea are always busy, Tesco set up billboards in the subway that let users buy their groceries while they're on the move.

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Mercedes Interactive Billboard

To show how much space there is in its vans, Mercedes placed twelve interactive billboards in underground stations in Berlin. They were only activated with any electric car key and what happened was anyone's guess!

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen made the most out of billboards with this campaign by incorporating an augmented reality campaign. Its video shows beetles doing crazy stunts on billboards and bus shelters.

Evian Dancing Baby

Evian's ad featuring dancing and rollerblading babies got a lot of attention so it was used for a second campaign. This time touchscreens were placed in numerous bus shelters which featured more dancing babies.

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