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How To Make Sure Your Smartphone Battery Lasts The Entire Day

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We are all very quick to slam our smartphones these days and the fact that they have an incredibly short battery life, but what we have to remember is that they are no longer phones and they are in fact computers. You wouldn't expect your laptop battery to last all day while using it so the same applies to your phone.

Having said that, there are certain things you can do that will help make the battery last for the entire day and make sure you have to charge it less. What you have to remember is that different actions, apps, features and settings on the phone are going to use up the battery at different speeds so knowing what does what is vitally important. Stick to these simple tips and your phone will stay alive much longer and not die on you at that vital moment.

Lower Your Screen Brightness

This is probably one of the most obvious and quickest changes that you can make. It takes a lot of power to give you a super bright display and the chances are you won't need it most of the time.

Switch To WiFi When You Can

Using 3G (or even worse LTE) in the newer phones is a massive suck on battery life so if at all possible, turn it off and switch over to WiFi. You won't be able to do this all the time, but it's a useful trick if you're traveling, or in a place where you can't take calls, but do have WiFi.

Turn Off WiFi

This may seem like a bit of a contradiction to the last tip, but it makes sense when you think about it. By having WiFi switched on, your phone will constantly be looking for new networks for you to connect to and will be sucking the life out of your battery as a result. Turn WiFi off and only switch it on when you are actually going to be using it or looking for a network.

Only Use Location Apps When NEcessary

Location apps are a massive suck on battery life and as they run in the background, you might not even realize that they are on and that they are draining your battery juice. Typical location apps that you might have switched on include Facebook, Twitter, Maps and Instagram.

Switch Off Notifications Where Possible

So getting notifications from all your various apps is great for staying updated, but the likes of new tweets, Facebook updates and game alerts are sucking your battery as your phone has to go and fetch those updates on a constant basis. Play around with your notifications and only keep the ones that are 100% necessary. You can still go into the various apps and check your notifications manually.

Use Airplane Mode

Despite what the name implies, an airplane isn't the only place you can use this mode. What this does is it effectively shuts down everything on your phone that sucks your battery. You might switch this on in meetings, the cinema or other places where you are not going to be able to use your phone, but can save battery life.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Probably the most obvious tip on the list because so few people actually use Bluetooth, but they do have it switched on constantly which really drains your battery. Just switch it off and turn it back on for one of the very few occasions that you actually will need it.

Fetch Email Less Often

Every one of us seems to be addicted to the little red notification you get when you get a new email, but by constantly having to go and fetch those emails, you are really sucking the life out of the battery. What you can do instead of it happening all the time is set it up so you only fetch your emails every once in a while. On an iPhone you can go to: Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Select Your Preference

Close Background Apps

Apps that are running in the background are doing a lot of work and draining your battery without you even realizing it. Double tap your Home button and tap and hold on an app icon to initiate jiggle mode. Tap the red "-” to completely kill apps running in the background.

Turn Off Vibrations

You don't need to be a genius to realize that vibrations are going to kill your battery. Chances are you're probably able to live without them as well so you can head in to the sounds and alerts menu and switch them off. You can also go a step further and only have vibrations for specific actions or notifications if you really feel you need to keep them.

Get Accessories


Cost: €199

The charger is a little expensive, but what you get is a device that lets your devices (smartphone included) charge while you're on the move. You simply fill up the fuel compartment with water and you have a new battery pack ready to go.

PowerGuard Battery Case With Card Stand/
Cost: €59.99

Acting as both a protector and a battery charger, Kensington's product extends your iPhone's lifespan by adding a few extra hours of charge. Four hours of extra talk, five hours of video and 22 hours of music, the cover just slots in and provides a card stand so you have handsfree FaceTime chats.

Primo Power Core

Cost $99.95

Charging almost any smartphone device you can think of, allegedly the Primo has enough power to charge most mobile devices on a single charge. The device comes with a LED battery charge meter so you know exactly how much juice is left and when it's fully recharged

Bretford PowerSync Tray For iPad

Cost: $999.95

By far the most expensive item on this list, but if you're looking for bulk iOS charging, you've come to the right place. The PowerSync is able to store, charge, sync and secure up to ten iPad devices at any one time. There are integrated LEDs showing the charging status of all your iPad devices and there are two USB ports on the back; one for connecting up to your host computer and the other is for daisy chaining up to three trays to your Mac for syncing with iTunes.

Converge - Rest & Recharge

Cost: $39.99

Converge has created this docking station that places your electronics on a nice display, letting it blend in with the furniture and not stand out as much. Being able to charge the majority of UBS devices like Blackberry Torch, Curve and Nook devices, the stand has four USB outlets so you can charge in bulk.

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