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How 5 Of The World's Largest Brands Use Salesforce For Social Enterprise

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Social media has massively empowered the consumer over the last couple of years, and while some brands have been slow to embrace the change, there is a revolution happening around how the world's largest brands communicate with their customers. While Salesfroce was originally a tool for managing leads and customers, it has evolved into something much more social after the acquisitions of companies like Radian 6 and Buddy Media.

You might say it is the first ever tool that is set up to help brands with social enterprise. Although all of the videos below are produced by Salesforce itself and clearly glossed up to show off its product, they do give a good glimpse into how some of the world's biggest brands are putting social at the heart of everything they do.


I was surprised to see Facebook on the case study list as I presumed it would have some of its own technology. However, it seems to run large parts of its organization on the platform and as you would expect, communication is key.


What is interesting here is that Rossignol knows that the key to staying ahead is gathering data and feedback from their consumers. It does this by baking technology into their products and feeding it all back into Salesforce.

Virgin America

If there is one brand that has been very quick to embrace social and have technology as a way of getting more customers, it is Virgin Airlines in the U.S. who have been shaking up the entire market for the last couple of years. Interesting to see how Salesforce plays a key role for them.


One type of enterprise that have been slow to embrace social media all over the world are banks given the huge risks involved, but this Australian bank shows that there is no reason to be scared and that technology is actually key to their future.


Since the very first year that social starting emerging as a trend, Burberry was there taking advantage of it. It is starting to move further ahead and want to become the first truly social brand that blends technology with the real world.

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