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5 Brilliantly Creative Campaigns That Used Twitter

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Twitter has been evolving over the last couple of years, going from a brilliant social tool to a media platform that is turning into a pay to play solution just like Facebook. Brands can still use it for customer service, brand building and to engage with their customers, but they are having to be increasingly creative to do so. This week, we look at five of the best campaigns run by brands that had creativity at their core.

Ben & Jerry's - Fair Tweets

Ben and Jerry's wanted to promote Fair Trade Day so it built an app that allowed users to post tweets. What made this app unique was that it used the leftover characters to squeeze in a fair trade message, including a link to an article about it.

A Twitter Powered Vending Machine

This drinks company in South Africa - who wanted to get more attention for its products while doing some sampling - asked people to tweet to get their drink.

Mourning Tweets

This was a very smart campaign from Argentina to help to mourn victims of the Amia terrorist attack. The app allowed you to blank out the first part of the tweet with black writing.

Amex Sync with Twitter

Financial services companies are always slow to get on board with social media, but Amex launched this smart campaign that allowed its users to convert hashtags into something more valuable.

Mercedes Twitter Race

Mercedes has been running a couple of these Twitter style races in the US and its latest campaign puts Twitter users in charge by giving them the ability to decide the plot.

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